Real-Time Digital Marketing: The Ability to Leverage “Now” (Free Webinar On-Demand)


Webinar Overview

In this webinar, Rebecca Lieb shares findings from her research on real-time digital marketing, including the top 6 use cases, the benefits and risks, and 12 best practices for preparing for real-time, plus countless examples of success.

During this webinar, Rebecca will discuss how real-time digital marketing (RTM) can add tremendous value to customer interactions; making brands appear relevant, with-it, informed, dynamic and buzzworthy. The movement toward RTM is also driven by consumer expectations as immediacy, relevance and access increase with technology.


Rebecca Lieb

Strategic Advisor / Research Analyst / Author


Rebecca Lieb is a strategic advisor, research analyst, keynote speaker, author, and columnist. Her areas of specialization are digital marketing and media, with a concentration in content strategy, content marketing and converged media. She works with many of the world’s leading brands on digital marketing innovation. Clients range from start-up to non-profits to Fortune 100 brands and regulated industries, including Facebook, Home Depot, Nestlé, Anthem, Adobe, Honeywell, DuPont, Fidelity, Gannett, IBM, Save the Children, Pinterest, Cisco, ad and PR agencies, and The Federal Reserve Bank of New York.


Moderated by Steve Shannon

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Critical Mention

Steve Shannon joined Critical Mention in 2009 after 17 years with the media monitoring firm BurrellesLuce. In his last position as executive vice president, he oversaw sales, marketing and product development. Steve began his career at BurrellesLuce as an account executive and was appointed regional sales manager in less than three years, doubling the sales of the firm’s media database service. In the product development arena, Steve conceived and led the launch of the BurrellesLuce web portal, delivering a per unit revenue increase of 32%. He also designed and implemented iMonitor in 2008 and led the team that closed more than 600 sales of the service in the first six months after launch. Steve earned a BA in Communications from Kent State University.




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