Real Herd Immunity- Not Writing Off Those Over 60 or With Preexisting Conditions


Bill Ide, III, Partner, Corporate Governance, Akerman

I’m well north of 60, someone who’s been blessed to survive multiple bouts with cancer. There are millions like me who want to continue being active and playing leadership roles in our communities. Instead, we’re being abandoned, thoughtlessly driven to the sidelines (or at least to our family-room sofas) by the President and his reckless “herd Immunity” followers. 

The correct approach to “herd immunity” is to wait until a trustworthy vaccine become readily available, then aggressively inoculate people until the virus dies – not killing the vulnerable until we all die. 

In truth, Trump’s baseless theory that it’s OK for young people to get the virus while older Americans and those with preexisting conditions are somehow “protected” consigns us to life as hermits – or worse. 

Many of us still need to work and want to see our children and family members. My wife and I want to enjoy our 11 grandchildren without fearing the worst from infection. 

Science is based on facts and tells us that vaccines will ultimately defeat the virus. We can have productive economies in the interim by containing the virus with masks, social distancing, testing and effective hygiene. 

For those who believe they’re not high-risk, I hope the facts bear you out. Millions of us, however, are high-risk, including frontline health care and law enforcement workers. You may survive the virus, but many of us won’t due to your keeping it alive. We ask for your patience using preventive measures until vaccines give all of us real herd immunity.

About the Author: William “Bill” Ide is a partner at Akerman and the former President of the American Bar Association.


  1. John l Steinmetz on at 1:58 PM

    Someone further North concurs

  2. Bob Fiebach on at 3:05 PM

    Thanks Bill for that thoughtful post. Of course no one in the Administration admits they have adopted herd immunity but in substance that is exactly what Mark Meadows said today on CNN. We can only hope that the next Administration changes course and starts to listen to the science and we also have to hope it is not too late. Betsy joins me in saying hello to you and Gail

  3. Clark Wadlow on at 10:08 AM

    With effective leadership we would have avoided so much death, and our economy would already be on the upswing.

  4. Sara Pandl on at 7:30 PM

    Perfectly stated UB!

  5. Larry Bailey on at 7:46 PM

    Well Said Bill !

  6. Mary Cavallini on at 1:31 PM

    You said it! Thank you

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