Ready To Quit? A 10 Step Plan To Help The Process


Job.doorReady to quit your job but don’t have a new one lined up?  If things were perfect, you wouldn’t move until you had a position.  Unfortunately, you may be in a situation that you find intolerable.  It may be very stressful, a terrible commute or just a dead end job. What you have to remember is not to act irrationally.   If you really want to leave, it’s important that you have a plan to follow.  Figuring out what you need and what you must do will make this process easier and more productive.  What should you plan for?

1.  How long will it take to find a new position?  (Add in an additional six months, just in case.)

2.  How much money will you need to cover your bills for this time?  Do you need to meet with an accountant/financial planner?

3.  What can you do before you leave?  (Pay off outstanding bills, schedule medical appointments, see a career counsellor, prepare your resume/home office, start building a contact list.)

4.  Will you take some time off or start looking for a position immediately?

5.  Do you have a job search plan?  (Contacts, names of recruiters, etc.)

6.  How many contacts will you make each day?  Do you have a follow-up system?

7.  Do you have a network of family, friends/mentor to help you through this process?  Someone to help you to remain positive and to push you when needed.

8.  What do you have to take your mind off the search?  Do you workout, belong to groups that meet regularly?  Regular scheduled meetings will keep you connected.

9.  How are you going to build your network on a continuing basis?

10.  How are you going to handle things if you don’t find the perfect job right away?  What’s your backup plan?

If being unhappy at work is not tolerable and you want a change, do it wisely – PLAN FOR IT.



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