RAGAN’S Employee Communications and Culture Conference


Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2022 | Virtual | 10a.m.-4p.m. ET

Creating a More Engaging Employee Experience


Strategic Communications • Authentic Employee Engagement • Build Trust • Dispersed & Diverse Workforce Comms • The Top Internal Comms Tools • Future of Work • Promote the Employee Experience • Measure Your Efforts • Motivate Employees

Fostering a healthy, productive employee culture and experience is the responsibility of every internal communicator. Through optimizing your internal content channel mix with purposeful employee stories to stepping up your thought leadership output and DE&I work, you can ensure that leaders, managers and employees alike are communicating harmoniously and productively as your organization steps boldly into the Future of Work.

Join us on Wednesday, Feb. 16, for Ragan’s much-anticipated Employee Communications & Culture Conference, an innovative virtual conference connecting internal communications with employee experience. Top practitioners from companies large and small will equip you with the hands-on tools and context you need to deliver genuine messages to employees near and far.

Top 5 things you’ll learn at this conference:

  • How to create and refine communications guidelines for managers when rolling out new initiatives or announcing changes
  • Change communications strategies that engage and reassure your workforce during uncertain times
  • Ways to use your benchmark DE&I data as an emotionless catalyst for conversation and progress
  • Storytelling strategies that deploy employee ambassadors to humanize your brand
  • Thought leadership tips for determining what your executives should (and shouldn’t) weigh in on

Plus, network with peers and speakers through a private LinkedIn group and online chat! Register today and you’ll be able to join the LinkedIn group right away!


  • 5 Steps to Achieving Communication Satisfaction with Remote Workers Guide
  • Playbook for Planning and Deploying a Successful Intranet
  • Special Report: The Missing Link in Your Employee Communications
  • The Ultimate Guide to Internal Communications Strategy
  • Guide on Measuring Internal Communications