QR Codes get a New Life as COVID-19 Recovery Spurs Contactless Payments


Justin Osborne

COVID-19 increased the need of many businesses and people to have alternative payment methods. The rise in technological discoveries has paved the way for this to be possible. Many businesses are now tapping on to the use of QR code technology as a mechanism of surviving the slowdown in the global market. 

This is because it focuses on the safety of the buyer and seller and it is an efficient payment option. This is why you need to diversify and tap onto its use.

QR codes

Quick Response codes send information from a transitory media to your cell phone. You can often find them at departmental stores, malls, bus and train stations, and shopping centers. They are different from standard bar codes that store less of your data and present it using digital means. QR codes present much more data inform of URL links, geo coordinates, and texts.

During these uncertain times, some of these places have developed an online mechanism that enables you to access the codes online. It makes it easier for you to reduce customer interactions as the demand for safety payment solutions is on the rise.

It is easy for you to generate a QR code, especially those connected to a link. Begin by picking on a suitable site then choose a URL in the QR code selection tab. Enter the website address you would like your audience to visit on the field under the tab. You can now download the code or choose to design it first.

QR Codes and mobile technology

According to an expert essay writer in the technology field, mobile phones link up QR codes through scanning a barcode using the phone’s camera that links you up with a customer or a merchant. After this, you get to have access to the business’ website. All the business information, including the prices of products, their menus, and FAQs are present.

Mobile phone companies keep improving the quality of the phone’s camera to enable you to get a clearer barcode scan. They increase the accuracy of the camera’s lenses that allow you to focus on code with ease. You can stand at a distance in a store and still get a clear barcode scan without getting into direct contact with surfaces or retailers.

You can scan the codes by pointing the camera to it, and then hold the home button for a while before swiping up. You will get some options on the screen to select from before short URL information appears.

Importance of QR codes in marketing

QR codes make it easier for you to access information about a business without contacting them. A business strategy focuses on your convenience because it is fast and saves you the hassle of accessing the website after going through many pages. You can access them with ease on a variety of devices, making it beneficial in developing markets.

You can use it to send text messages or emails each time you scan it and the receiver gets it immediately. Use it to buy goods and request product upgrades through your phone. Businesses use it to give you options on SMS registration to access all their services as a loyalty program.

They are cheaper than card payments and will save lots of money if you only scan and use them. It saves you the stress of tax payment and it is the easiest way to save in a small business. Businesses often use them to offer you discounted prices and promotions of their products.

QR codes over NFC tags

NFC tags link up with other active NFC devices and they store and send a limited amount of data. It will cost you much to encode its chip because you need to send over a tag design to a company that can encode NFC tags. The company will also need to embed them in signs, posters, and other materials.

International markets using QR codes have seen to prefer it to NFC tags. This is because they boost non-cash payments-especially among personal services that find it hard to shift to new payment methods. You can produce them at any time using online sources that help you.

You can access QR codes with ease compared to NFC tags because they are easy to create alone. You can access them in areas where NFC tags are more difficult to put in place.


We are living in an age where technology drives the world in all aspects of business and living. QR code technology is on the rise and many people are tapping on to it to carry out business transactions. It assures you of quality and affordable payment methods that make life easier during these uncertain times. Begin using them today and experience safety and convenience in the transactions you make.

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