Put A Cap On Your Trash


Put A Cap On Your Trash

To the Tune of ‘Show Me’ From My Fair Lady?

Here’s ‘Unchoke Me’ From My Fair Mother Earth

Caps!  Caps!  Caps!
I’m so sick of caps!
Blighting my beaches through;
A bottle here, toothbrush there, is that all you plastics do?

Don’t talk of love, shining above.  If I’m planet you love?  Don’t choke me! Tell me no dreams filled with perspire.  On climate change fire? 

Why choke me?  Don’t just exclaim.  Why choke me?  Unchoke me NOW! 

See sweat on mom’s brow, wrinkles to boot.  You careless galoot.  Put your snoot to the ground, be house guest not clown and cowtow.

Don’t choke me!  Unchoke me NOW! 

When you’re together in the middle of the beach, don’t be a leech.  Don’t talk proud. Boasting aloud.  You enviro liar!

Don’t choke me!  Pick up those caps.  Throttle those bottles.  Global warm burns.  So don’t just exclaim.  Stop with the game.  See my ire!

Don’t choke me!  Unchoke me NOW!

Thomas MaddenAbout the Author: Madden is the founder and CEO of the public relations firm TransMedia Group.  Books he has written include SPIN MAN, King of the Condo,Is There Enough BRADY in TRUMP To Win The inSUPERable Bowl? and Love Boat 78.  His blog, Madden Mischief.com finds him “Looking at Truth through the prism of Absurd.” Madden started out as a newspaper reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer, then rose to the pinnacle of network television as Vice President, Assistant to the Pressident of NBC under then CEO Fred Silverman, for whom Madden wrote speeches when they were both at American Broadcasting Companies. Madden recently launched Madden Talent, a licensed talent agency representing actors, artists and models. Corporate titans like the Chairmen of Kellogg’s Company and AT&T looked to Madden to do crisis management and write influential speeches for them that were reprinted in The New York Times. Madden won the Public Relations Society of America’s Bronze Anvil for a PR campaign he conducted for The City of New York. Rexall Sundown Founder Carl DeSantis credits Madden’s publicity for the firm’s spectacular success, culminating in DeSantis selling the company in 2000 for $1.6 billion.