Public Relations Commentary On Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Public Relations Commentary On Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Price Harry and Meghan Markle are stepping back from royal duties.  This news, while surprising to many, should not come as a shock given that the clues were there for months. Many will see this as Harry abandoning the family, with increased irritation by taxpayers with royal spending and, of course, Prince Andrew’s ongoing scandal.  The royal family is scarred right now, but not out for the count.  Their legacy is much larger than just Meghan and Harry. 

At this point, Meghan and Harry have the potential to get any endorsement deals in the world they may want.   Any brand in the world would love to be involved with Harry and Meghan and if they want they can earn 8 or 9 figures annually in deals.  From book deals to brand endorsements or appearances, their opportunities are unlimited. 

Any publishing house in the world wants their book, any brand wants social media posts, and any company wants endorsement deals from them. Their global appeal rivals the Obamas, and their global appeal can rival Kylie Jenner or Jay Z or others.  There is no door which will not open for Harry and Meghan. 

I think Meghan Markle will remain a huge superstar. 

In terms of PR, it wouldn’t surprise me to see them be more popular overseas than in the United Kingdom.  Locals in the UK are likely to treat them differently than in America and elsewhere, as they may be seen as a disappointment for a myriad of reasons locally. Whether this will give Meghan and Harry the lower profile they seem to crave remains to be seen. They will have to be vigilant in maintaining their privacy, as well as ensure that their new charitable focus is well received by the public. Only then will the public see this as a move that benefited everyone involved.