Your 5 Tips to Channel the PR Force #LikeAJedi

PR professionals are the Jedi Masters of the communications galaxy.

A Public Relations Jedi is on a lifelong quest for knowledge, brings harmony where there is crisis and chaos, and uses ‘the Force’ of powerful communications to defend and protect their brand and organization.

In the spirit of #MayThe4thBeWithYou, the annual celebration of George Lucas’s Star Wars franchise, members of PR Newswire’s Strategic Communications and Content team present tips on how to channel the Force in your communications strategy.

1. Your Press Release Path You Must Consider, Before Jumping Into Battle

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, press releases were mere words on a page that announced your strategic partnership. But these are not the press releases you are looking for. To achieve communications success, great strategy you must have. Don’t think of press releases as single scout vessels sent on lone missions of hope. Each release must fit into a campaign that may include multiple releases, strong visual content, and leverage assets such as your blog and social channels.

Remember to be brave in your campaign strategies and avoid the press release Death Star by thinking creatively when choosing the content you share.

– Victoria Harres, VP, Strategic Communications & Content

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