Productivity: 9 Team Management Tips to Avoid Holiday Chaos


9 team management tips to avoid holiday chaos


Here’s how to keep workflows moving while you’re OOO.

John Rampton, Founder ,Calendar and Due

Companies are having a hard enough time right now recruiting and retaining enough workers to complete whatever needs to be done.  How will they survive when you, the one who truly runs the show and keeps it all together, finally takes a few days off?

Holiday breaks can make workflows even murkier and threaten to shut down productivity altogether. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are nine tips to keep all the trains running on time — even when you’re down to a skeleton crew.

1. Plan ahead like a teacher.

Teachers are always prepared for the unexpected, such as having a plan for the substitute teacher so that the classroom still runs smoothly in their absence. While this may sound like loads of extra work, the truth is, you only have to do this once, making occasional updates.

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