PR Measurement: Google Analytics 101 (ON-DEMAND WEBINAR)




Analytics and measurement have traditionally not been part of a PR practitioner's training. Now that the conversation about PR measurement is changing, with emphasis on measuring outcomes, we have to learn to use tools like Google Analytics.   Google Analytics is an awesome tool.  And it's free.  But until now there has been no easy-to-use dashboard built by a PR person who understands what PR pros need to track and report on to show value.

The purpose of this free dashboard is to help PR practitioners who are not yet measurement-savvy dip their toes into the waters.

Take in-depth walk through of this PR Measurement Dashboard.



PRESENTERS: Sally Falkow APR,  Tinu Abayomi-Paul

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tinu-1210-The dashboard has been designed and built by Sally Falkow (APR), a pioneer in the field of digital PR and measurement, and Tinu Abayomi-Paul, CEO of Leveraged Promotion who builds custom online marketing and measurement systems for clients both large and small. It has the main reports that a PR person should be watching – all at a glance.

The PR Measurement Dashboard uses widgets to display the top level numbers for owned media, earned media and shared media:


  • Traffic to PR content
  • High traffic pages in your newsroom
  • Where the traffic came from
  • Which sites are linking to your PR content – real time and long term
  • What they do once on your site
  • Social traffic and shares
  • Outcomes in the form of goals (which have to be set up).

In the webinar Sally and Tinu will walk you through the dashboard, so you can see what each widget does and why it’s important.  You will also learn how you can drill down further into the underlying Google Analytics reports if you want more granular information.

The dashboard is completely free to use and can be downloaded by any company that is using Google Analytics.

Now every PR pro can track the results of their work.

Find out how you can track and manage results in your own dashboard.