PR Masters Series Podcast, Episode #19 – James Lukaszewski



The Stevens Group is pleased to present the podcast series that salutes the masters of public relations and revels in their observations, insights and advice to PR professionals.  This  series is part of the ongoing partnership between The Stevens Group and CommPRO to bring to PR, digital/interactive and marketing communications agencies the wisdom of those who have reached the top of the PR profession. Today’s guest is James E. Lukaszewski,(Loo-ka-shev-ski), America’s Crisis Guru® and president of The Lukaszewski Group. He has an international practice devoted to helping organizations and their leaders respond to extremely serious trouble they are in or have caused; recover from the damage they suffer and cause; manage the victims they create and must care for; repair reputational damage thru constructive, workable ethical approaches.


About Our Guest

A Personal Profile

This is Jim Lukaszewski:

Powerful Speaker, Important Author, Inspiring Teacher, Trusted Advisor

Purpose: Through helping resolve the significant troubles of others, find and do what will be the most important things I will ever do in my career and life.

 Vision/Aspiration: To be an authentic trusted Communicator, Coach, Counselor and Strategic Thinker; to be the first call when leaders and managers face their toughest, touchiest, most sensitive and devastating situations.

Mission: To be the table, truly strategic; promptly finding those exceptionally achievable, ethical, honorable, powerful, and sensible ingredients for solutions to the most challenging leadership, management and organizational problems.

Disciplines: Trustability; Verbal clarity; Management Perspective/sensitivity; Findable, Gettable, Doable, Achievable, Knowable approaches; Tomorrow focused; Thoughtful, incremental advice; Intuition-Pattern Sensitivity; lifelong learning; Teach, Coach, Counsel to inspire and expand Management and leadership influence and success;

Values: Compassion; Constructive approaches; Curiosity; Honesty; Inconsistency;  Positivity; Pragmatism; Promptness; Truthfulness.

Principles: Candor; Communicate Promptly-Intentionally; Destiny Management; Empathy/Compassion/Apology; Engagement; Openness; Responsiveness; Transparency; Truthfulness.

Passion: Help all staff functions i.e. PR, HR, Law, Security, Strategic planning, etc. be more important, have more access and influence, be sought after earlier and have happier, more productive successful professional careers.

Corporate legal times listed Jim as,” one of 28 counselors to call when all-hell breaks loose.” Google James E.  Lukaszewski and you’ll see more than 70,000 entries. Visit his web site.

Preorder Jim’ next book:

The Decency Code; The Leader’s Path to Building Integrity and Trust

Release March 17, 2020. Available for preorder NOW on Amazon.

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