PR Masters Series Podcast, Episode #12 – Jim Joseph



The Stevens Group is pleased to present a new podcast series that salutes the masters of public relations and revels in their observations, insights and advice to PR professionals.  This new series is part of the ongoing partnership between The Stevens Group and CommPRO to bring to PR, digital/interactive and marketing communications agencies the wisdom of those who have reached the top of the PR profession.



About Our Guest

Jim Joseph, President, McCann Health North America

Marketing is a spectator sport and Jim Joseph is one of the industry’s most engaging, enthralling, and entertaining commentators.

Jim’s list of brand experience spans virtually every industry and is a who’s who list of the most impressive brands on the planet including Johnson & Johnson, Ford, Cadillac, Procter & Gamble, Walmart, American Express, Microsoft, Hyatt, Astra Zeneca, and McDonald’s. Jim is also an award-winning author of The Experience Effect series and an adjunct instructor at New York University where he teaches a graduate class in integrated marketing. He has a new marketing book coming out in the fall titled The Conscious Marketer.

Jim started his career client-side at Johnson & Johnson in Brand Management where he learned the power of an integrated brand. Through his experiences, he has managed agencies of virtually every discipline: advertising, branding, promotion, retail, digital, crm, and of course communications.

Jim is the proud father of two (now) adult children who have embarked on careers of their own. He splits his time between New York City and Palm Springs, CA, along with many airplanes. Jim chronicled his journey as a single, gay father in the award-winning book Out and About Dad, and continues to blog on issues related to branding, parenthood, and pop culture.

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