PR Council Webinar: Dealing with Digital Disruption

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How leading brands & agencies are gaining advantage

In an age of relentless digital marketing buzzwords it can be difficult to see what’s real and what’s fake news! At AVADO we have been working with marketers for over 10 years and helping them make sense of and gain advantage from disruption.

As a PR agency, you already know there’s no doubt the technology genie is not only out of the bottle, but speeding down the freeway and smashing tradition in its tracks. The breakneck pace of change in technology and alarming rate at which consumers seemingly adopt new habits means that us marketers must be wise to what is going on, how it will affect us, and what we can do about it.

When it comes down to it we really care about how we can use technology to drive effectiveness or to have more impact, or both! Today’s convergence of processing power, cloud computing, mobile devices & IOT, and AI is merging with new consumer interactions and codes of communication in social, video, AR, VR, touch, and speech.

This short talk will headline some of the most disruptive trends, share examples from around the world, framed in the practical context of what you and your organization can do about it.

The webinar will cover:

  • The latest digital transformation trends impacting clients and agencies
  • How clients are investing in digital talent to gain advantage
  • How you can rapidly deploy programs to ensure you have the skills to succeed


This webinar is aimed at senior agency staff, but will be valuable to anyone in agency who wants to understand the trends disrupting agency business.

This session will be led by Nick New, Managing Director of AVADO. Nick is currently overseeing talent transformation programs across clients such as GSK, Vodafone, & Ferrero, as well as various WPP & Omnicom agencies.

AVADO is a world leader in transforming talent for digital, with 300+ employees in 8 locations globally.