PR Council Learning & Development: Becoming a People Manager (Workshop)


becoming-a-people-managerAbout the Workshop

In this workshop, participants will gain skills and perspective and be introduced to the practical techniques needed to transition into a managerial role at a communications agency.


  • Go from star individual to successful manager
  • Credibly transition from peer to manager
  • Manage millennials as a millennial manager
  • Drive smart, innovative and on-time results
  • Engage in tough conversations about issues impacting individual, agency or client-relationship success

This Learning & Development program takes place in New York City on January 25th. Tickets for PR Council members are $395 with a group discount available, and nonmembers are $795.

About the Instructor

Beryl Loeb has worked within or consulted to agencies for over 20 years and has a deep understanding of the firm culture and demands of a client-service business. She has created on-going professional development programs for agencies, served as an in-house professional development advisor for fifteen years at a global PR firm, and has been brought in to lead workshops and coaching for advertising and web marketing agencies.


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