PR and Marketing Pros: What Is On Your 2016 Wish List?

PR and Marketing - What Is On Your 2016 Wish ListI’ve been spending a lot of time recently going through year-end staff evaluations. And as I dig through my team’s reports, I’m reminded of how much we accomplished in 2015 and the new responsibilities we tackled. As PR and marketing have evolved, so has our team here at PR Newswire. We’re more digital and multi-talented. Things like social media and SEO strategy have become a part of everyone’s job, not just the concern of a sole person. ICYMI: Check out the results of our #PRisNow survey to read more about public relations practitioners’ changing role. Of course, we’ve also done a lot of things that don’t necessarily show up in those weekly reports. We’ve had babies, traveled the globe, given to local food pantries, volunteered with more non-profits than I can list, and helped each other succeed every day of 2015.

Thus it was that during a recent communications team meeting, we started talking about what we wish to accomplish in the new year. Our discussion began around work topics, but quickly evolved – in both scope and size. We asked our colleagues across PR Newswire what was on their 2016 wish list, and have decided to highlight their answers below. I hope these wishes encourage you to not just stop and think about what is important to you, but also share what’s on your #2016wishlist. In the comments section below, tell us what you wish to accomplish in 2016 — whether it’s work-inspired, family-inspired, or globally-inspired. Prefer to share your reply on social media? Post your answer with the hashtag #2016wishlist and be sure to tag @PRNewswire on TwitterInstagramFacebook or LinkedIn. Answers in an image or video format are also welcome. We’ll collect your replies over the next few weeks and then select some of them to feature in January

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