Post Interview Thank You Notes: A 5-Step Template

Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Even with online and telephone interviews, a written thank you note is a must and expected. Writing a thank you note can be easy if you jot down notes during the interview so you can remember some specific details about the opportunity.  Most importantly, make sure you get everyone’s name.


  1. Address it to one person. If more than one person was involved, send separate notes. If this is not possible, acknowledge the other interviewers in your thank you note.
  2. In your opening paragraph, thank the person (s) for the interview and mention the job title.
  3. The next paragraph can vary but express your interest in the position and mention why. Using your notes, you can say that with your 10 years of experience in (job field) you would be a valuable asset to ‘the company.”  Any specific details you noted about the company’s needs and your experience should be acknowledged here.
  4. In a third paragraph, you can send links or attach samples that will show you skills.
  5. End by saying you look forward to hearing about next steps and that you would be happy to answer any other questions the addressee (and their team) might have.

Use an email signature with your contact information. Write a clear and concise subject line – Thank you for the interview or Director Interview etc. Read and reread the email to make sure there aren’t any typos or grammatical errors. Make sure you sent it within 24 hours of the interview.

A thank you note should not be a chore but a way to communicate how thankful you are for the interviewer’s time and your interest your fit for the position.