A Deep Dive into Post-Election Financial News Coverage


Once the US election results were announced, traditional and social media erupted in speculation about the impact of Trump’s presidency on domestic and international relations, policy and trade. Since then, President-elect Donald Trump’s strong rhetoric on the campaign trail and the concerns it generated appear to be softening both in terms of his intentions to deliver on many of the most extreme campaign pledges as well as the immediate-term reality in those cases where the response could be measured in real-time.  In no case was this more evident than in the financial markets for which an Armageddon was predicted only to reveal an uptick in US financial markets.  Time will tell whether the short-term bounce evolves into long-term gains in the US and international markets.

PRIME Research, a global research-based communications consulting firm with a special focus on the financial services sector, conducted an analysis of how traditional and social media covered financial and economic topics immediately prior to and immediately following America selected its next president.









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