Pollen DeFi: Next-Gen Asset Index Emerges From Build Mode


CommPRO Editorial Staff

Pollen DeFi is a decentralized, next-gen platform where the community manages the portfolios represented by asset pool tokens. Decentralized finance is designed to be by the people, for the people. Acknowledging this, Pollen DeFi is building the first truly decentralized platform for managing tokenized asset pools.

The platform is a merit-based DAO. It provides a reputation-based governance protocol with incentives that leverage the community’s collective wisdom. The community curate the portfolio that is represented by the asset pool tokens. In this system, all users of the platform stand to benefit from the contribution of the best-performing participants. Initially, Pollen DeFi’s DAO platform and its Pollen governance token (PLN) will manage one asset pool token, the Portfolio Asset Index (PAI) token. The PAI token will be managed 24-7 by the community and is designed to be a low volatility ‘DeFi Lego’ which can be used in other protocols in the decentralized finance ecosystem. Communities will be able to create and manage alternative asset pool tokens after Pollen DeFi launches.

Founded in February 2020, Pollen DeFi released an Alpha product for testing in Q1 2021. Today the team revealed they have been building an advanced update of the platform in stealth and waiting for the optimal market conditions to begin the launch countdown. Today, Pollen DeFi is announcing its roadmap to launch.

Pollen DeFi Project Lead and Co-Founder, Philip Verrien explained: “DeFi Summer showed the potential for a fully decentralized financial system. The technology was in its infancy and only those with a large risk appetite and technical smarts engaged. Through all the noise, we identified the need for easily accessible, mature decentralized financial products with appeal to a broader audience. The next generation of DeFi. We have been building what we believe will be the central DeFi 2.0 product: the first truly decentralized asset management protocol, Pollen DeFi. It will challenge the way people approach their crypto portfolio and give them dynamic new options.”

The total value locked in DeFi is now approaching $200 Billion US, according to Bitcoin.com’s Jamie Redman. Balanced discussion is taking place in the mainstream media (decentralized finance was the cover story of The Economist on September 18, 2021). Pollen DeFi believes that two critical factors overlap: first, the success of mature next-gen decentralized finance products being released with well-considered user experiences and trust-worthy audited code. Second, the overwhelming evidence that new communities are participating in the market and are seeking more choices to manage their money than the traditional financial system offers them.

Together these combined forces signal to Pollen that DeFi is ready to enter the next phase of its adoption life cycle. The project team has started their launch countdown. Behind closed doors, Pollen DeFi has been building. In September, the project closed a round of private funding, raising $5 million US with the help of key strategic backers, including The Graph and AlphaBit.

In September, Sean Bond joined Pollen DeFi as Chief Marketing Officer. He brings over 20 years of marketing experience from advertising agencies and tech companies, and most recently as former CMO of Launchpool, the community-driven, private-sale-focused crypto launchpad. He remarked: “Pollen DeFi has a crystal clear vision for the future of DeFi. The team and community understand the full potential for the Pollen DeFi platform: we believe it will disrupt the way crypto holders approach their token portfolio. I have been close to many project launches this year and I’m most excited for Pollen DeFi to come to market.”

Pollen DeFi will go live on the Ethereum and Polygon networks initially. However, as a cross-chain solution, it will deploy on other blockchains and layers in the future.

Source: Blockchain Wire