Podcast: Advice for Agencies on Better Use of Video for Clients


Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media, spoke with Chip Griffin on his terrific public relations agency leadership podcast “Chats with Chip.” They covered a number of shifts in the agency/brand relationship. One is that, increasingly, brands prefer to take the lead on project management when projects involve third-party vendors. They discussed surprising survey data showing that agencies are on board with this change as well and shared anecdotal information where agencies are transferring project management to the client.

Another topic that came up are the challenges to earning media, especially on television. One solution is focusing on local TV news opportunities as local TV is less focused on political news and prefers to feature brand spokespeople rather than third-party experts.

A final trend is brands seem to be placing a higher priority on getting their executives on television through satellite media tours than their agencies do. The evidence for this is brands are assigning significantly more senior executives to these projects than agencies do and multiple brands are looking to increase the frequency of these types of projects to monthly and semi-monthly.

Chip and Doug discussed the reasons behind these trends, the implications for agency leaders and for brand communicators.


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