Peter Shankman: How to Build Your Audience and Create Content for Earned Media

Peter Shankman, author of Zombie Loyalists, joins Doug Simon of D S Simon Productions to discuss the recently released D S Simon Media Influencers Report, how to build and value an audience, and creating content for earned media.

If you are interested in a copy of the D S Simon Media Influencers Report click here.

// Peter Shankman:

“Most people that were interviewed and surveyed, they are pretty dismayed at the current state of affairs in the world of PR. If you look at it from a glass half full perspective it tells me that there is a lot of room to own the game.”

“It kills me, there are so many PR people who are biting off their nose not only to spite their face but to spite their client. If you are not transparent not only will you not get on but they will never call you back again.”

“I am followed on social media by producers who are looking for stories every day. They walk into the office with a blank slate, a blank slate that has to be filled by the time they are done. If you can become a repository for good information, for stories and things that people will want to hear there is no question that they will flock to you and look to you and what you are writing to get you or your client on.”

“90% of people use Twitter and social networks wrong. If you can be a repository for good information the rewards will be massive.”

“Having an audience, whether it’s one person or a million is a privilege, it is not a right. You have to understand every day that your audience is a privilege and you are lucky to have them.”

“You don’t get to have an audience, it’s not part of the Declaration on Independence. You get to have the ability to create useful stuff that will generate you an audience. Never forget, your audience is in control, you are not.”