Perfecting Your Media Pitch: 5 Tips for Expert Exposure


Perfecting Your Pitch

Thought leadership: it’s vital to brands big and small, established and new. Whether you work in a large company or as a sole practitioner, knowing how to position yourself and colleagues as industry experts is a necessity.

Yet it’s no secret that the influencer landscape is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. With so many seasoned subject matter experts available to speak on a given topic or trend, it’s a challenge to distinguish yourself when doing a media pitch.

Being aware of the push-and-pull of pitching (responding to existing opportunities while also proactively advocating for experts) is only the first step.

Not quite sure how to follow through? Here are some tips to consider the next time you’re pitching your expertise.

1. Connect your expertise to the current news cycle.

For the best chance of exposure, aim to link your subject matter expert’s knowledge and experience with relevant world events happening right now. Not only does this demonstrate your attention to timely topics, it also translates to wider audience interest.

For example, if you’re a financial expert who can address common mistakes people make on their taxes, it makes sense to pitch around tax time. In addition to the news cycle, consider holidays and other events on an outlet’s editorial calendar when thinking about media opportunities.

If nothing poses a direct connection, try to find a different angle to a current issue and see if your expertise offers a unique perspective. Journalists are always looking for a fresh approach, especially if an issue seems one-sided on the surface.

Try to avoid gratuitously pitching yourself and your accomplishments, such as a recently published book or article. Even if it’s tied to a current event, you may come across as self-serving. Instead, speak to the broader issue and tie it to the relevant knowledge you can share.


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