Peppercomm Brings You the Laughing Matters Podcast: Episode 7 – Disagree While Remaining Civil? Two Top CNN Commentators Say it’s Possible!

Laughing Matters PodcastWhile Washington does its best to scoff at bipartisanship, two extraordinary women from opposite sides of the political spectrum have made it work – discussing serious matters while keeping it upbeat. Join us as we speak with CNN commentators and political/communications consultants Maria Cardona and Alice Stewart about how they are able to accomplish this. On this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Maria sharing a very likable story about Hillary Clinton, whose alleged “unlikability” many pundits say cost her the 2016 election (30 min)
  • Alice explaining how presidential candidate Mike Huckabee used self-deprecating humor to address the elephant in the room (28 min)
  • Their embarrassing moments they laugh at now – from accessorizing while on-air to travelling with a presidential candidate while hauling some pretty cumbersome luggage (34 min/38 min)

Listen to the full episode for more!