“Padlock” Testnet Released by Porta Network

CommPRO Editorial Staff

Porta Network, a new blockchain project focused on accelerating Web3 adoption, has launched its Testnet called “Padlock”. Porta’s blockchain is a feature-rich, substrate-based Nominated Proof of Stake blockchain focused on simplifying user and developer experience.

The blockchain offers Governance, Staking and Privacy capabilities with 3-second block times. Users are able to create their own cryptocurrencies and smart contracts on the platform.

Multi-signature wallets and Proxy accounts add additional layers of security. Identity Management features are provided but do not have to be used.

The Testnet will also come with the following:

1. The Porta Blockchain

The blockchain that developers will use to build their applications and integrate with the network.

2. The Porta Wallet

An intuitive and well-designed wallet that anyone will use to interact with applications on the Porta blockchain.

3. Portascan – The Porta Block Explorer

A simple interface that allows users to take a closer look into the blockchain and the transactions that go through the Porta Network.

Padlock will allow the Porta team and any developer to try out new features without worrying about jeopardising the main network. Porta’s Mainnet is scheduled to launch in Q4 2021.

Also, the team is working on its flagship NFT product, revamping its Staking Program and will introduce Ecosystem Grants over the next couple of months.

Source: Blockchain Wire