Overlooked Strategies for Improving Conversion Rates


Mike Paffman, CEO, VIRGO PR 

There are some aspects of psychology in the marketing industry that have proven to be effective at converting potential customers, or at the very least, encouraging them to take the next step in their buying journey. One of those aspects that tend to be quite overlooked is specific words, also known as power words. The companies can use power words in their marketing efforts that are quite effective at generating more loyal customers for businesses and improving conversion rates.


The word “You” is simply a placeholder for the name of the customer, which is quite an obvious choice, but many companies aren’t aware that they can use it in their marketing efforts to convert more customers. This word can be used to personalize advertising efforts, and it’s best to use it throughout advertising copy and headlines. It’s used to make the target audience feel seen and important to the company, and to create a stronger connection with potential customers. According to research, when customers feel like they are being spoken to directly by companies, they are a lot more likely to respond positively to promotional efforts.


Another powerful word that companies can use in their marketing efforts to convert more potential customers is “Because”, since the word because makes the target audience start looking for a reason. Once the audience finds the reason, the company is a lot more likely to persuade them with their promotional efforts and the rest of the words they’re using in their advertising or marketing copy. Another reason why the word “Because” is so effective is that it’s concise which means it’s a great word to use to get a company’s message across very efficiently, as well as the fact that it’s very versatile. This is a word that companies can use in both informal and formal settings, with customers across all demographics, because it’s a word that most people can use effectively and they understand. Furthermore, this word helps companies make their points a lot more convincing since they link their reasonings very concisely. When a potential customer understands why a company is doing something, they are a lot more likely to take the next step on their buying journey. Furthermore, companies get to be very persuasive with their marketing efforts when using this word, since it inspires feelings of confidence and certainty with those customers. Audiences tend to react a lot stronger to anything that’s accompanied by a strong emotion, which makes the word “Because” very emotional and can influence the behavior of the customers so that they convert faster.

Mike PauffmanAbout the Author: Mike Paffmann is CEO of Virgo PR, a leading PR agency.