Over 500 Concurrent Miners Flock to New BADcoin


CommPRO Editorial Staff

The team at The Bad Crypto Podcast has been working with one of the top blockchain development teams over the past six months and have developed one of the most advanced blockchain projects to date. It’s not Bitcoin; it’s BADcoin.  Over 500 people have fired up their Macbooks and PCs to mine BAD.

BADcoin is a peer-to-peer multichain built on five blockchain protocols. This allows the transfer of assets from one party to another cheaper, faster, safer, and sexier than others. Unlike Bitcoin, which requires expensive high-end computers, anyone can mine BADcoin fairly, whether on supercomputers or old computers.  Having better tech is a deterrent with BADcoin, with faster machines punished for attempting to mine such a BAD cryptocurrency.

In July of 2017, Travis Wright and Joel Comm launched The Bad Crypto Podcast. As a means of teaching their audience how to use cryptocurrency without expenses, they created BADcoin 1.0 on the Bitshares platform. The worthless token was given away to fans as an incentive for engagement with the podcast. They issued over 5 BILLION BADcoins on the Bitshares blockchain to date.

In the past two years, Comm and Wright have interviewed hundreds of cryptocurrency and blockchain experts.  Throughout those discussions, one inherent flaw of Bitcoin was revealed… centralized mining.  Bitmain’s Jihan Wu and other large-scale mining operations have so much computing power (hashrate) focused on Bitcoin mining, that it’s nearly impossible for regular people to mine Bitcoin. In fact, you need a massive and costly server farm to successfully mine Bitcoin today.

In late 2018, Wright had the idea to make a blockchain that only old and dated computers could use to mine. This could eliminate centralized mining by de-incentivizing large-scale mining operations, and honor the original vision of crypto pioneers. 

Wright and Comm spoke with Marshall Long at World Crypto Con in Las Vegas. Known for being one of the first large-scale Bitcoin miners, Long has a large team of blockchain developers who have built over 50 successful blockchain projects.  Bad Crypto shared the idea with Long and challenged his team to create it.

With the goal of making BADcoin a solution to the problem of centralized mining, they have built a multichain blockchain that is the hybrid of five blockchain algorithms.  The kind of device you use to connect to the mining pool will determine which of the five algorithms you connect to.

If, for example, you connect with a supercomputer or If you connect with your Pentium computer from the early nineties, you’ll connect to a different algorithm based on your computer strength and your potential block reward will be different based on many different factors.

BADcoin is fast. It’s ten times faster than Bitcoin. It’s secure. It’s fair. Anyone can mine it from any computer or smartphone that can connect to the internet. Bad Crypto has learned that a third party intends to set up the BADcoin Foundation to be the custodian of the blockchain. The foundation will help continue and encourage development on the project, market the project, and assist in getting listed on exchanges.  However, no one owns the BADcoin protocol. Anyone can build upon it and make it even better for the community.The mission of this project is to level the playing field so that anyone can mine, including people in developing countries who have not been able to afford computers strong enough to mine Bitcoin.  And it’s completely open-source.  No one owns it. That’s so BAD, it’s good.

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