Over 50? 6 Job Hunting Tips


Over 50? 6 Job Hunting TipsMarie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

If you are over 50 and job hunting, don’t let stereotypes get you down.  You just need to prove that your skills are current and relevant in today’s market. Here are some tips to help your search:

 1) Remember, it is just not you.  Most people send out resumes and never hear back. Unfortunately, it happens at any age.

2) Keep your resume current.  The jobs you had in the past show how you have progressed but you don’t need bullet points for all your jobs.  Your current position should have the most and then the next 2-3 jobs.  Keep the company/title/dates only for the others.

3) Update your online presence.  Everyone checks out candidates on social media.  Make sure your accounts are professional and up-to-date. Start to use your online networks to connect with others in companies where you would like to work.

4) Don’t answer ads that don’t fit.  If someone is looking for 5+ years of experience, just move on.

5) Don’t list the tech programs you know.  Talk about how you used them.

6) Practice for your interview.  You’ve done it many times before but practice makes perfect.  Ask a friend to help and catch any terms or phrases you may be using that are not current.

Be confident and show the world you can do it!