Oops: 4 Steps To Recover At Work


marie-rapertoBy Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Committing the ultimate ‘oops’ at work is embarrassing.  We all can and do make the stupid mistake now and then.  You can’t hide it, hide from it, or pretend it didn’t happen.  Some people will understand and forget, some won’t.  It’s up to you to make sure it doesn’t last.  It’s important not to dwell on the mistake.  Be proactive–follow the steps suggested by PayScale Career News.   So what do you do?  Here are some simple steps to get you over the situation.

1.  Be accountable.  If you made the mistake, own it.

2.  Fix the problem.  If you did it, fix it.  Acknowledging that you did it and apologizing is fine.  Acknowledging, apologizing and resolving is the better way to go.

3.  Don’t let it happen again.  Identify why it happened and learn from it.  If necessary, change your work patterns so that it doesn’t happen again.

4.  Move on.  Moving on is often easier said than done.  Remember, everyone makes mistakes and you are the only one fixating on your mistake.

Whether in your work or personal life, mistakes happen.  If you handle them the correct way, you gain experience and credibility!




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