Online Tool Reveals the Cost for a PR Campaign


CommPRONewsItemBy Editorial Staff

Business owners no longer need to guess the cost for a healthcare or tech Public Relations campaign.

Healthcare and tech PR firm, Macias PR, has just unveiled a new online PR tool that allows businesses to learn the cost for a customized media campaign with just a few clicks.

In the past, marketing teams needed to spend hours on the phone with a PR account executive before they could get an estimate for a campaign. This new online PR tool eliminates that frustration by providing users a few questions and clicks to calculate the cost for their media campaign.

“This PR calculator is perfect for business owners who have always wondered about the cost for a PR campaign, but didn’t want to be sold on a service,” said Mark Macias, the founder and owner of Macias PR. “No one – including myself – wants to speak with a sales guy who is trying to figure out the maximum price they can get out of you. This free online PR tool gives a customized and personal PR estimate based on the actual needs of the media campaign.”

The online PR calculator takes less than a minute to fill out, which businesses can try here.

Users answer questions, like: What is the purpose of your campaign? Which news outlets do you want to reach and is this a local, national, B2B or regional campaign? The submitted answers help the firm identify an estimate of resources, cost and even a potential media strategy for the PR launch.

“We’re hoping this PR calculator brings transparency to the PR industry,” said Macias. “We get calls all the time from businesses, asking for an estimate. It’s hard to give an authentic answer without knowing anything about their goals, business or the type of campaign they need. Our free PR tool eliminates that guesswork. Now, businesses can click on a few tabs, answer a few questions, and learn via email how much they will need for their own PR campaign.”

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