“Powerful Communication Strategies for Financial Leaders”

IMAGINE you have that “special charm and style.” You move through analyst and news interviews with confidence — and just the right body language—making it look easy and enjoyable….all while telling your brand’s story and staying on message.

Your instructor, Susan Young.
Award-winning news reporter, PR entrepreneur,
storyteller and speaker

You can be the “go-to” resource that moves conversations forward and influences the public.

“Powerful Communication Strategies for Financial Leaders” is the only online course that provides in-depth training in all aspects of communication—including professional and personal development—for executives in the financial sector.

From brand storytelling, social media content and how to think like a reporter to internal communication, public speaking and Corporate Social Responsibility…NOW is the time to energize your brand and messaging!

CommPro’s “Powerful Communication Strategies for Financial Leaders” is our customized 10-module, downloadable video course that you explore at your own pace.

If you want to add pizzazz and excitement to your personality, you’re in the right place!

  • Your world is not just earnings—it’s about enveloping emotions.
  • It’s not just about securities—it’s about sizzling stories.
  • It’s not just about regulations, it’s about R-O-C (Return-on-Community)

In this online program, you’ll learn to:

  • Illuminate your personality and transform self-confidence
  • Shine as a credible leader with storytelling that humanizes your brand
  • Build credibility and trust as the “go-to” source in your industry
  • Create a buzz with news and PR opportunities


Discover how to:

  • Transform communication skills for today’s changing workplace
  • Reframe your communication with more effective messaging
  • Uncover the power of storytelling that your draws in your audience
  • Think like a reporter and shine in news interviews
  • Create valuable content—and guide people to it
  • Revitalize interpersonal communication with body language that buildsrapport and trust
  • Discover verbal and nonverbal communication—and soft skills—critical to today’s leaders
  • Boost internal communication with powerful intranets, storytelling and brand journalism
  • Embrace public speaking and interviews with unwavering self-confidence and charisma
  • Attract exciting partnerships around Corporate Social Responsibility, hiring and brand ambassadors
  • Unleash your personality—without any pain
  • Sparkle in the spotlight—with in-person and online networking
  • Craft a dynamite elevator speech that’s memorable and charms new prospects
  • Develop public speaking and presentation skills that connect you to your audience
  • Position your organization on social media—and remain in compliance

Join Susan Young for this step-by-step online program and prepare to master communication strategies in the financial sector.

At the end of the three-hour course, you’ll have a personalized accountability plan and exciting opportunities to shine with investors, reporters, employees, and more!


This is a 10-module fully downloadable course. The modules average 15-20 minutes
with a three-step action plan at the end.

Mod 1 21st cent biz comm

Module 1: The 21st Century Business Communicator

  • The No. 1 trait you must have to succeed
  • You are the message
  • Our 2-way street of communication
  • The key to charismatic communication: Projections, profits and pizzazz 
  • Why the “human factor” is essential in business

Module 2: Reframing Your Communication and Messaging

  • Our attention-starved world
  • The 360-degree view of relationships, marketing and sales
  • How to distill complex information and data
  • Speaking in soundbites/3 phrases to help you stay on message
  • How—and why—you must use video in 2018
Mod 2 reframing comm
Mod 3 bottom line about storytelling

Module 3: The Bottom Line about Storytelling in the Financial Sector

  • The emotional power of stories in business
  • Discovering how stories make us relatable, approachable and personable (The jargon-free zone)
  • Creating your own narrative story (Arc)
  • Understanding language and the use of metaphors

Module 4: Thinking Like a Reporter

  • How to become a trusted and credible authority in your field
  • 7 secrets of news cycles and breaking news
  • 5 ways to connect with news decision makers and influencers in your niche
  • The do’s and don’ts of email pitches—tips from the pros
  • Seizing opportunities with real-time news
Mod 4 think like a reporter
Mod 5 creating content that grabs attention

Module 5: Creating Content that Grabs People’s Attention

  • How to identify your target audience and personalize messaging
  • How to develop your online voice and persona
  • 9 ways for “non-writers” to create content
  • Thought leadership and subject matter experts
  • Tactical writing styles

Module 6: Improving Your Interpersonal Communication

  • Bridging communication gaps
  • Modalities of communication- Emotional Intelligence
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication (reading body language)
  • Building influence and trust with stakeholders, reporters and analysts
  • The power of questions and the art of listening (leadership and small talk)
Mod 6 Improving interpers comm
Mod 7 refining internal comms

Module 7: Refining Internal Communication

  • How to develop consistent and compelling messages for your team
  • Brand journalism, storytelling and employee comms
  • Communication that bolsters workplace culture, creates brand ambassadors and attracts quality hires
  • How Corporate Social Responsibility drives credibility and trust with investors

Module 8: Feeling Comfortable in the Spotlight

  • “Life’s Little Observer”
  • How to unleash your personality—without any pain
  • Attitude adjustment 101
  • How to network online and in-person
  • Crafting—and delivering—a dynamic elevator speech
Mod 8 comfortable in the spotlight
Mod 9 Public speaking

Module 9: Powerful Public Speaking

  • How to master your audience
  • The 3-step process to preparing—and delivering—a memorable presentation
  • 5 ways to overcome anxiety and stage fright
  • Tips on stage presence and vocal vitality

Module 10: Using Social Media for Financial Professionals

  • The “Know and Go” approach to social media
  • How financial companies use Instagram
  • Increasing visibility AND staying in compliance
  • How User-Generated Content attracts and engages your ideal audience
Mod 10 Social media for fin pros



“An easy-to-follow plan that works!”

— Cynthia Hill, Attorney


“Susan’s program spoke to me in a way I had never heard before. This was the springboard to significant business growth. I know how to create a story that people can identify with. There are so many valuable techniques that I’ve learned from Susan’s training.”

— Ardith Rademacher and Associates, CEO, Construction recruiting firm


“Susan is one of today’s authorities who understands strong content and social media. She knows how to connect, provide exceptional value, build credibility and cultivate relationships. This puts you in a position to connect with decision-makers you might never have had the opportunity to meet previously. Yes, it’s up to you to cultivate that relationship…but Susan can help you get there a lot faster and a lot more effectively.”

—Bob Burg, International speaker and co-author of The Go-Giver


SY 1 July 2018

Susan Young is the CEO of Get in Front Communications, a PR and social media communications training company. Susan works with executives who want to supercharge their communication and media skills and increase their visibility, credibility and profitability.

Susan is an award-winning radio news reporter, PR entrepreneur, storyteller and speaker. She has taught thousands of professionals online and in-person about news, crisis communication, sales and verbal/nonverbal communication. She is a certified practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming. NLP is the breakthrough communication, sales and psychology tool used by respected and well-known leaders, athletes and politicians worldwide.

A native of New Jersey, Susan and her family have resided in San Antonio, Texas since 2006. She is one of the ‘Top 75 Badass Women on Twitter.’