Office Politics

Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Office Politics, whether you like it or not, exists in every office.

Some offices there is a brutal game being played every day while in others it’s not so blatant. But either way, if you don’t like to play office politics, it can be a pretty hard to cope.

According to PayScale, there are some ways to survive:

Be Yourself:  Reject the pressures to participate in any negative office politics.  It may be part of the culture but you can stand apart from the crowd.  Once you decide to be ‘you’,  it may be easier for you.

Embrace The Good:  Not all office politics is negative.  Become socially astute about how thing work in your office and network and influence others in a good way.

Develop Friends:  Learn to support and encourage each other and set a positive example for others.  Having a group of friends at work can create a safe and sane place for all of you.

Strut Your Stuff:  Be the best and nicest you can be.  Don’t let others influence you in a negative way.

Try To Shift The Culture:  Play the game in a nice and ethical way and maybe the game will start to change.

You can’t keep running from office politics.  Try your best to influence change and win.