Not Another Meme Token: KikSwap is a Cross Chain Multi-Staking and Spot Trading Platform on Binance Smart Chain


CommPRO Editorial Staff

The market for automated market maker exchanges is a huge industry in itself across different crypto networks. Almost all blockchain in some way holds exchanges for facilitating their user base. Like all other major blockchains, Binance smart chain too, has a number of exchanges on the platform certainly due to its higher transaction throughput and speed.

Technical specification
A liquidity pool is a smart contract that holds reserves for two or more tokens and allows anyone to deposit or withdraw funds only according to very specific rules.

One such rule is the constant product expression x * y = k. Where x and y are spares for the two tokens A and B. To withdraw a certain amount from Token A, you need to deposit a proportional amount from Token B to maintain a certain k value before the fee.

Multi-chain staking
Kikswap is the first multi chain staking protocol pegged to meme tokens. With multi chain technology on the network its community members will be able to stake any of meme tokens on kikswap’s staking pools. It will be a de facto staking token for all meme currencies using a similar strategy.

Each meme token will have a different set of validators and delegators on the network. Whilst having their respective staking pools, where users can stake KIK in return for rewards in form of meme currencies.

  • Staking pool 1
    Invest KIK to get reward in Shib
    APR ≈ 107,310%
  • Staking pool 2
    Invest KIK o get reward in Doge
    APR ≈ 179,546%
  • Staking pool 3
    Invest KIK to get rewards in KIK
    APR ≈ 110,244.30%
  • Staking pool 4
    Invest KIK to get reward in Akita
    APR ≈ 110,244.30%

Non-fungible tokens
Kikswap offers exciting NFTs for its community members. It combines Bep20 technology on Binance smart chain to deliver high quality NFTs. Its NFTs are divided into multiple categories based on the occurrence of character’s traits in NFT. Hence a hierarchy is formed, where holders of rare NFTs are befitted more comparatively to their counterparts with common traits NFTs.

It is a cross-chain meme token and spot trading platform to buy any meme token. It is built on the Binance Smart Chain. is a smart contract on-chain system on the Bsc that implements an automated liquidity protocol based on a “constant product formula” Each KkikSwap pair keeps a pool of reserves of two assets, as well as providing liquidity for those two assets keeping the invariant that the product of reserves cannot be depleted.

Besides the application of a constant product formula to ensure technical sophistication on the network, KIK is also a deflationary token following multi-layer buying back features.

The network offers multiple features, including utility token, multi-chain staking and farming and staking of NFTs across cross-chain. These features and many others in the roadmap for this platform makes it a promising spot trading exchange.

Source: Blockchain Wire