Next Day Crisis Communications & Opinion Survey Tool for Corporate Communications Professionals & PR Agencies


CommunicationsMatch has established a partnership with Researchscape International, a leading provider of research services to the communications industry, to launch a new next day crisis and opinion survey tool tailored to corporate communications professionals and PR agencies.

The new service offered through CommunicationsMatch enables communicators to ask 10 or 20 questions of either 500 or 1,000 respondents and have the results data within 24 hours of fielding the survey. The affordable survey tool is designed to be representative of the general population and to automatically generate results reports.

“We are delighted to have developed this new research option for the communications industry with CommunicationsMatch, which like Researchscape, leverages technology to help communicators achieve their goals,” said Jeffrey Henning, Founder & President of Researchscape International. “This is a powerful tool for industry professionals dealing with crisis and other situations where understanding how messages are resonating or quick feedback on the impact on a brand is a priority.

Once the tool has been selected, Researchscape’s survey experts work with clients to develop questionnaires, field the survey and cleanse the data. Within 24 hours of approving the survey, an automatically generated PowerPoint presentation, Word document report, and Excel file with results are provided to clients.

To ensure that survey data matches the overall demographics of United States adults aged 18 to 80 years old, Researchscape uses quota sampling with 32 mutually exclusive subgroups of region, gender, and age to ensure statistical validity. Watch a short 3-minute Communicators-to-Communicators Insights Video interview with Researchscape’s Tony Cheevers, Head of Business Development, about the approach.

“Expense and the time to complete surveys are perceived barriers to conducting research during a crisis,” said Simon Erskine Locke, Founder & CEO of CommunicationsMatch. “The technology underpinnings of our next day crisis and opinion survey make it quick and cost effective to execute statistically valid research. The tool is an example of the way in which we are using technology to create value-added solutions for communications challenges.”

A ten-question survey of 500 respondents representing the general population is available for $3,995 and a twenty-question survey of 1,000 respondents is $6,495. As with other solutions on CommunicationsMatch, custom research options are also available for specific audiences and projects.

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