New Year, New Job: 3 Steps To Move On


By Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

New Year, New JobThe new year is the perfect time to start a new job.  Whether you are ending the year with a new job or deciding to look for one in 2017, how you leave your current position can say a lot about you as a person.  It doesn’t matter if you are leaving a job you hate or love, you must leave it professionally.  You never know who you will be working with in the future or if you will need a reference from a past company/supervisor.  Resigning the right way shows your integrity and reflects on how you might treat your new employer.  Little things can make or break your career and your reputation.  If you are planning to resign:

1.  Give notice.  While there aren’t any laws that say you must give 2 weeks notice, that is the standard.  Check any documents you signed when you started with your firm as some companies specify more time is required.  Generally, you don’t have to give more than 2 weeks, but try to work with your current employer as well as your future employer to make everyone happy.

2.  Do your job.  Until your last moment at your job, you must be professional and do the work.  You may hate it and your mind might be on dozens of other things, but leaving things done and in order is very important.

3.  Tell everyone.  First check with your hiring manager but do let everyone know that you are leaving, if approved.  If there is someone you haven’t gotten along with, don’t make things worse.  Let them know, say goodbye, wish them well.  Work with your supervisor to let any outsiders know and tell them who to contact.

Be professional and move on!


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