New Year, New Job 2019

New Year, New JobMarie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

New year, new job.  While it sounds like a great new year’s resolution, in actuality it will take time and a plan.  What do you want and what do you need to get there are just two questions you need to figure out.  To start the process, here are a few steps:

  1.  Update your resume.  Tailoring your resume to the job is a must.  Create a master resume so that you can put in the pertinent information quickly.  Remember to use the keywords in the ad/description.
  2. Know the new job trends:
    1. Interviewing will take longer.  You will have to meet more people and take more tests.  Combined with travel schedules, be patient.
    2. If you want to move into a different field or area, you may have to take a pay cut.
    3. You may need new skills.  Analytics is just one big new area of interest to employers.  While you may not need to know everything, understanding the numbers is important.  Research the employer and position to see what new skills you might need.
    4. While you may not be working remotely, someone on your staff or team might be.  Knowing the navigation software, how to communicate and how to manage remotely will be important.

Happy job hunting!