Where Are The Opportunities? LinkedIn Can Help

By Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

linkedin200New opportunities, does it seem like they are elusive?  Ever wonder why you didn’t know the job you wanted was available?  Whether you are actively looking for a new position or just open to looking at new opportunities, LinkedIn now has a new tool to help you.   It will let recruiters know that you are interested in seeing what’s available without telling everyone else.  It might help you find your dream job or just let you see that the one you have isn’t that bad.  And who doesn’t want to know what’s out there?  ‘ It’s easy to do, just follow these steps.

1.  On your LinkedIn profile, go to the jobs tab on the masthead.

2.  Chick on update preferences

3.  Turn on the “Let Recruiters Know You Are Open…” button

4.  Then fill out the rest:  The type of job, the possible titles, full or part-time etc., a particular start date, location and anything else you want to tell the recruiter.

You’re done.  Isn’t it time you knew WHAT’S REALLY OUT THERE!