New Marketing Platform Helps Companies Manage Digital Trasformation


CommPRO News Editorial Staff

CabinetM Inc., the discovery and management platform for marketing technology strategy and digital transformation, has released Enterprise Cabinet, a subscription-based product that helps marketing teams and the agencies that support them drive and manage their digital transformation efforts.

CabinetM’s Enterprise Cabinet helps teams work together throughout the company to plan, research and manage marketing technology strategy, acquisition and implementation across the enterprise.

The company also announced a new service to help organizations, that are resource constrained, audit their existing marketing technology environment, manage their technology programs, find new technology, and identify specialist agencies to help with technology implementation.

“As companies embark on digital transformation efforts to provide unified and personal customer experiences across all touch points and devices, virtually every department in the company is now leveraging marketing technology,” said Anita Brearton, CabinetM CEO. “Lack of coordination and oversight is leading to escalating costs, security risk, inconsistent results and a ton of frustration.”

The Enterprise Cabinet includes five components to help companies deploy marketing technology across their organizations:

•Collaboration architecture to support working at an individual, team or enterprise level.
•Marketing stack framework to map, track and manage acquired and internally developed technology
•Contract tracking system to manage subscription renewals and cross-functional purchase agreements
•Messaging and reporting functionality, based on permissions, to promote cross-functional visibility of technology efforts
•Enterprise SkillStack environment to manage internal technology proficiency

The Enterprise Cabinet has a database of more than 7,000 tools across MarTech, AdTech and SalesTech. The platform helps teams build marketing stacks to track and manage the tools they buy, build and retire. The reporting capability allows organizations to identify redundant products, expense and performance issues and gaps in their marketing technology suite. Enterprise wide visibility helps eliminate duplicate spend and time wasted evaluating and testing products that are already in use or have been rejected by other teams in the organization.

Pricing starts at $995 per month and is dependent on the number of teams and users. A single-user version is available at $99 per month.

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