New LinkedIn Profile: 5 Changes To Make Now


Linkedin LogoMarie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

The new LinkedIn interface changes quite a few items on your profile.  With the new look and format, you must change your thinking from resume to marketing piece.

You will have to focus on the important information and let go of the non-relevant and older information.

These five areas will need your attention:

1. Your Photo:  On the new LinkedIn profile, your photo is a circle, no longer a square.  It may need to be cropped differently or replaced with a new photo.  According to the site, your profile will be viewed 14 times more if you have a photo.

2. Your Headline:  You have 120 characters to get your message across.  If it’s longer, the site will just use your current job (title & company).  Time to think about your headline and it will now be centered below your photo, making it more visible.

3. Your Summary:  Here you have 2,000 characters to summarize your career and/or what you want to do next.  The new profile will only show the first 250 words and then ask the reader if they want to see more.  You can add contact information here so people can easily reach you

4. Your Title:  LinkedIn allows you 100 characters for your title in the Experience Section.  So, if your title is not quite the industry standard you can add the keywords that are more commonly used.

5. Your Current Experience:  This section gives you 2,000 characters and you should have specific keywords about your current job here along with concise information on the company/department where you work.  Remember, only your current job description will show without clicking for more information.

If you want to be found, start editing.

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