New Ethereum Asset to Allow ERC-20 Trading of World’s First Cloud Currency


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CloudCoin, the first cloud-based currency that acts as digital cash and is built on the most private, energy-efficient, fee-free monetary system in the world, has announced CloudCoin Ethereum, an iteration of cloud currency that enables a one-to-one exchange for real CloudCoins, now available on Exchange. CloudCoin Ethereum allows token holders to quickly trade CloudCoins (CC) to CloudCoin Ethereum (CCE) and back with ease– and is the first phase of fully integrating CloudCoin directly into

CloudCoin is a file-based currency that can be shared via email-to-email transfer and is built on DNS instead of blockchain. It’s USPTO patented DNS-based authentication protocol, known as RAIDA, enables the fastest, most secure transactions of CloudCoins, which cannot be counterfeited, lost or stolen. Initially, users could only access CloudCoins by creating a Proton Mail account or via a Skywallet. Listing on now makes CloudCoins more accessible amongst other major cryptocurrencies, allowing anyone with Ethereum to make use of its innovative monetary system.

“CloudCoin is a project unlike any other in the crypto field, and with our dedicated and tech-savvy team we’ve found a way to get this token listed on our platform, and available to trade with other popular coins and tokens among our community,” said Danish Chaudhry, Head of Exchange. “I believe this project will stand the test of time, and revolutionize other platforms looking towards multiple technologies to list their token. With CloudCoin’s speed, it’s practically a no brainer.”

CloudCoin was designed from the “Theory of Perfect Money,” a concept developed by CloudCoin Founder and CEO Sean Worthington, that suggests perfect money should be private, scalable, fast to transact and prevent loss, theft, counterfeits and all system-wide failures. CloudCoin delivers in all aspects, offering data supremacy and quantum safety, meaning it cannot be taken down by hackers, governments or even nuclear weapons. The post-blockchain, next-gen digital currency uses nearly zero electricity and bandwidth, has a fixed amount so there is never any inflation; and it is totally file-based and can be stored in jpeg files or imported into software and video games. It can also be traded peer-to-peer instantly with no public ledgers, user accounts or fees. CloudCoin also features a “Skywallet” that allows people to send coins using easy to remember DNS names.

Source: Blockchain Wire

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