MyUnlimitedWP Empowers Non-profit Organizations to Reconnect With and Engage Their Communities


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Across America, non-profit organizations have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these organizations operate on razor-thin margins and do not possess the level of funding and investors that large businesses have, resulting in minimal wiggle-room when it comes to revenue shortages. Thankfully, companies such as MyUnlimitedWP offer critical error-mitigation services, WordPress website management services, and unlimited content updates that present non-profit organizations with life-saving benefits.

Building client trust compels them to continue making purchases, but such results are contingent on the sort of message non-profit organizations are directing toward the public. Online messaging is one of the most effective forms of communication at present; it allows a website that is frequently updated and engaging to be rendered as essential. Moreover, SEO allows potential clients to learn about the company by directing them to the website. This website redirection is especially important for non-profit organizations due to the competitive local market.

MyUnlimitedWP provides a solution that meets these specific online needs while saving non-profit organizations time by handling and managing the work. The company corrects errors that can subvert an organization’s success if left unaddressed, thus ensuring that customers experience optimum satisfaction when interacting with the organization. Basic WordPress management keeps an organization’s website active so it can fulfill its ROI-generating potential while routine content updates keep website visitors engaged and responsive.

One of the best advantages of the vital website services MyUnlimitedWP provides is how affordable the plans are. They are suitable for any budget a non-profit organization may have. Organizations pay one low and reasonable monthly fee that avoids complicated pricing arrangements, stressful quote bartering, and outrageous additional fees. Non-profit organizations can choose from packages that offer varying levels of services at different costs and with no hidden fees. This arrangement contrasts the typical exorbitant hourly fees that the majority of website maintenance companies charge.

MyUnlimitedWP is helping non-profit organizations save even more money by offering a 20 percent discount on their services. Non-profit organizations can redeem the discount by using the coupon code: NONPROFIT2020.

“We understand that this is a very challenging time for non-profit organizations. We wanted to do our part to help them not just stay afloat, but also flourish well beyond the pandemic. The critical website management services and affordable packages MyUnlimitedWP offers gives non-profit organizations the resources they need to achieve long-term success,” said Joseph Kibler, CEO of MyUnlimitedWP.

Source: NGO Wire

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