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Universal Information Services Enhances Suite of Media Monitoring Services with New Mobile App!

Omaha, NE, June 20, 2016 – Universal Information Services, a leading provider of media monitoring and measurement to clients nationwide, today announced a new mobile app, MyNewsNow! allowing subscribers to manage media coverage 24/7.

MyNewsNow! is the industry’s newest mobile application for monitoring media coverage across all media types. Universal has put the power of news into the palm of the hand so subscribers can track TV, radio, web, social and print media. 

Available today, MyNewsNow! includes remote access to see, measure, and share key stories from all media types within a single interface. Features include the ability to view, read and link directly to each story and easy access to metrics and analysis charts/graphs. Client users can work with their news coverage 24/7 on both Android and iOS devices, eliminating delays in responding to critical news events!

“We understand that PR and Marketing professionals are mobile, often working onsite or away from the office. MyNewsNow! allows our subscribers to manage their most recent coverage anytime, anywhere,” said Todd Murphy, Universal Information Services Vice President.

Public Relations Teams will be able to respond quickly to crisis or other swiftly changing situations, because users can review traditional media coverage and respond to social media immediately, which is especially important while off-site.

Universal designed this mobile app based on a simple and easy interface, an approach suggested by trusted clients and proven solid in beta testing. Innovative design, intuitive interface, rich data, and simplicity in sharing results set Universal apart from competitors.

MyNewsNow mobile news monitoring appMobile App from Universal Information Services


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