My Entrepreneur Journey: From Construction to Crypto: Always Building 


Robert Beadles, President of Monarch 

Robert Beadles, Christian, husband, father, business builder. My entrepreneur journey started when I was just 17 years old, already married with my first son and working in construction in the Bay Area. I launched my own construction services company, growing it to one of the largest in the state. This allowed me to focus on real estate and technology. In 2009, I launched a software company and began building solutions and applications for organizations including the U.S. Postal Service. 

In 2009, I wrote the book “Here’s What You Do! Your Economic Survival Guide”, which provides guidance on investments and strategies for securing your financial future. I donated the proceeds to community programs. I have dozens of patents, as I’m always seeking to create new things that people use and are of value.

In 2010, I ran in the primaries in California’s 11th congressional district but quickly realized political office was not for me. In 2011, I first learned about cryptocurrency through Max Keiser, who said that Bitcoin would change the world. By 2017, everyone was asking me about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. I launched my YouTube channel, Crypto Beadles, to answer these questions for friends and family, and to provide guidance to viewers through easy-to-understand videos. Since then, I’ve created hundreds of videos and reached more than 86,000 subscribers having over 17 million video views.

As I interviewed countless founders in the crypto industry on my YouTube channel, I started to realize that there was a serious need in the marketplace for an easy-to-use decentralized wallet. I teamed up with Sneh Bhatt to launch Monarch, a free, decentralized wallet and suite of cryptocurrency services. The Monarch community has grown to 300,000+ users, and the company is focused on delivering products that make cryptocurrency accessible to all. Sneh originally wanted to create a recurring blockchain payment plugin, but we decided instead of just doing that, we would offer all the best services and companies in crypto through one application: the Monarch Wallet. 

Monarch combines all your favorite blockchain services in one place, with one login and KYC process. For users, Monarch includes decentralized crypto storage/sending/receiving, and access to the best crypto services. For merchants, Monarch allows companies to accept crypto with an easy-to-use plugin, opening them up to new revenue streams and user bases. For partners, Monarch offers access to Monarch users, partner development services, revenue share, and marketing exposure. This all supports our vision to bring the world’s best crypto services and companies under one safe, easy-to-use wallet.

The Monarch community is growing every day. Through our networks, we have created an army of beta testers that are organically promoting Monarch to everyone they know. We are seeing a few thousand new downloads every week. The beauty of this is that Monarch works now, today, and the people love it and are telling their friends and family. 

Monarch offers a wide array of services from allowing merchants and individuals to accept recurring crypto payments in a decentralized manner, to having a wallet with support for over 3,000+ cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin, Neo, Gas, all ERC20 and SLP tokens. It also includes mobile (iOS/Android) and desktop apps, a decentralized wallet and ERC20 exchange, a portfolio tracker, and universal KYC integration. The app has unrivaled flexibility, and our goal is to make it the only app anyone in the U.S. will ever need to manage their financial and blockchain kingdoms.

Robert Beadles, MonarchAbout the Author:  Robert Beadles is the President of Monarch, a cryptocurrency company that combines multiple blockchain services into one easy-to-use application. As a cryptocurrency entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and educator, Robert has gained a following of 86,000+ on his YouTube Channel Crypto Beadles. He is also the CEO of Splash Factory, a provider of blockchain development services. 

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