Multichannel Content Strategy: How to Build Awareness, Customers and Revenue (Free Webinar)



Webinar Overview

Brands looking to refine content strategy and maximize exposure require a calculated mix of strategies and tools. A good strategy requires unique, high-quality content that will resonate with your target clients, prospects and industry leaders. By combining compelling content with a well thought-out multichannel marketing strategy, you will be able to build awareness, attract customers and drive them through the sales funnel to achieve revenue objectives.

Join PR Newswire as we show you how to optimize your content and plan out a multichannel marketing plan to help you surpass your revenue goals.

During the webinar we will address

  • How to map your content to the buyer’s journey
  • Strategic tips to create metrics for content plans
  • How to track revenue and success within a multichannel content plan
  • How to use multichannel strategies and incorporate them into your goals


Heinz Marketing Inc.
Chief Strategy Officer


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