Mr. Magazine™ Releases Launch Stats: 77 New Magazines Hit The Marketplace in January


It would seem “Mr. Magazine’s™ Celebration of Print for 2016” has gotten underway with an exceptional bang for the New Year’s first month. A total of 77 new magazines joined the festivities, with 21 of those promising frequency. The bookazines once again made a strong footprint through the days of January and the topics were as niche and targeted as ever before, from “Skinny One Pan Recipes,” to “Unlocking the Bible’s Secrets;” it was a mixed bag of fun and information, proving that even winter’s doldrums could be livened up with the right content.

Frequency titles also shone bright like snow in the moonlight, from “Good Grit,” displaying the character of the South, to the continuing trend of adult coloring books, with “Zen Art Therapy for Adults, Calm Color Create.” It was a very good first month indeed.

Now let’s “Celebrate Print” together with our beautiful January covers.

Up first our frequency titles:

Mr. Magazine™ Releases Launch Stats

And now our specials:

Mr. Magazine™ Releases Launch Stats -Specials

Mr. Magazine™ Releases Launch Stats -Specials

Mr. Magazine™ Releases Launch Stats -Specials3

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