Monday, Sept 16, 2013 – Includes: Tweet Heard ‘Round the World; Twitter & Groundhog Day; Speedy AT&T vs. Reliable Verizon; Content is …. Many Things [Infographic]

 Monday, September 16, 2013




Twitter and Groundhog Day — What Do They Have in Common?
By Jeff Corbin, CEO, KCSA Strategic Communications
I feel like it’s Groundhog Day. Don’t you? When it comes to investors and social media stocks, it really is true that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Over a year ago Facebook filed an S-1 for an IPO with a more than $100 billion valuation. At that time, I questioned the veracity of the valuation …

The Tweet Heard ‘Round the World: Twitter’s IPO Announcement (A PR ‘Masterstroke’)
By David E. Johnson, CEO, Strategic Vision, LLC
More often than not, in public relations we urge our clients to make a big flashy announcement on important company news, especially IPO announcements. The Facebook IPO comes to mind. That is why the IPO announcement for Twitter was refreshing in the form that it was made and in its understatement.

Preserve Corporate Reputation by Fostering an Environment of Compliance… A Tale to Consider
Gene Marbach At Large
The SEC recently charged the former head of investor relations for a Tempe, Ariz.-based solar energy company with violating rules requiring fair disclosure of information when he alerted certain analysts and investors about an upcoming major development. Regulation FD requires material nonpublic information …





Content is …. Many Things [Infographic]
For the Agile Engagement Channel
We invited attendees at Content Marketing World to complete this sentence: “Content is ____ .” Here are some of the answers we received.

For Some, One Post Could Last a Lifetime
For the Critical Now Channel
Both Twitter and Facebook store social information. Combined with archived search engine content, you could be waiting a very long time for an embarrassing post to go away.

Reports on How Investors Consume Investor Relations Content
For the Agile Engagement Channel
One year in the making, PR Newswire whitepaper offers new insights on IR “content marketing”. The Shareholder Confidence 365 Study is an ongoing survey targeted to the three key constituents with whom public companies communicate: institutional investors, individual investors and the financial media.

How Corporate India Can Leverage a Mandatory CSR Bill to Shift Gears for the Long Term
By Namrata Rana: For the Corporate Social Responsibility Channel
India, the third largest economy by purchasing power parity (PPP), has a new Companies Bill that nudges certain companies to invest two percent of their profits in corporate social responsibility [CSR].While several thought leaders have categorically called it a misadventure, I choose to be optimistic.

Latergy Introduces Co-op Satellite Media Tour Service With Digital Twist
By Larry Thomas, President of Latergy Video Marketing and Public Relations: For the Latergy Social Video Channel
Today, Latergy Video Marketing & Public Relations, my boutique agency and production company, introduced a new co-op satellite media tour service. We turn to an old-school staple and turbo-charge it with the latest in digital …




In The Office With…Paolina Milana, Content Strategist, YP
We now label it “content marketing,” but storytelling dates back to the caveman days, and it’s almost a sure bet that what resonated around the campfire back then, still holds true even today. So what is still foundationally “same old same old” and what turns simple storytelling into true “content” and “content marketing”? Key Takeaways: What is “content”?; Words?; Images? …

Content to Conversion: Setting the Stage for Success
Content is your catalyst, creating audience engagement. When content is king, earned media plays a stronger role in driving your organization’s success. But don’t lose sight of what your content is supposed to achieve! At the start of every campaign you must ask, “What is the action that you want your audience to take next?” Be it views, shares or sales, actions are one of the keys to every …

Set Your Conference Strategy to Maximize Your Experience
PRSA 2013 International Conference
Strategy. In our profession, we’re thinking about strategy all the time. How can we reach our target audiences in the most effective, efficient and creative ways possible? At the PRSA 2013 International Conference, there will be many sessions and many conversations focused on that holy grail of the perfect strategic approach. But have you planned your personal strategy for the …





Summers Withdraws From Consideration to Lead Fed, Possibly Opening Door to Yellen
Washington Post
Lawrence Summers, who was considered the leading candidate to succeed Ben Bernanke as Federal Reserve chairman, has withdrawn from consideration, the White House said Sunday. Summers’ withdrawal followed growing resistance from critics, including some members of the Senate committee that would need to back his nomination. His exit could open the door for his chief rival, Janet Yellen, the Fed’s vice chair. If chosen by President Barack Obama and confirmed by the Senate, Yellen would become the first woman to lead the Fed.

From Time to State PR: A Big Jump?
The latest media-politics revolving door news is that Time managing editor Richard Stengel is leaving the magazine and heading over to the State Department to be the new undersecretary of State for public diplomacy and public affairs. That’s PR–or maybe propaganda, if you prefer that term.It makes news when journalists jump into politics, and it seems like many have done so during the Obama administration.

Speedy AT&T vs. Reliable Verizon: The Gap Narrows
Consider this more fuel for the wireless ad wars. Verizon did not like this ad. Wireless testing firm RootMetrics said AT&T edged out Verizon Wireless in the early results of its latest study, which were made available to CNET. It’s a surprise call because Root had routinely crowned Verizon as the top carrier. The study was based on a combination of speed and reliability.

The Rapidly Disappearing Stigma Around Advertising Alongside Porn
Pando Daily
Porn. Porn. Porn. Porn.Uncomfortable yet? If you’re anything like the average entrepreneur and venture capitalist, the answer is probably yes. Despite the fact that porn is a multi-billion dollar industry and makes up 30 percent of all data transferred across the Web by some estimates, most in the technology industry have shied away from participating the adult arena–either directly or indirectly–primarily for fear of “reputational risk.”

NPR to Offer Employee Buyouts
Washington Post
A brewing financial crisis is forcing NPR to make one of the largest staff reductions in its history – at a time when the radio and digital news organization had seemed to be on the upswing.Washington-based NPR disclosed a buyout plan Friday that it hopes will reduce its 840-member payroll by about 10 percent over the next year. NPR said the buyout is necessary to close a persistent deficit, projected at $6 million in its upcoming fiscal year.




Corporate Boards Lack Policy for Shareholder Communication
IR Magazine
Communications by directors with shareholders has risen in the past year, although it’s still scattered, unco-ordinated and subject to widely differing views of etiquette and appropriateness. Almost half of members of boards of directors say their company has no communications policy for them, or it has a policy but not a particularly helpful one.

Twitter Drawing on Lessons Learned From Facebook IPO
The Los Angeles Times
Call it the anti-Facebook IPO. It may be the most hotly anticipated initial public stock offering since Facebook Inc. But Twitter Inc. is doing all it can to distance itself from the Facebook fiasco, which has become a case study on how not to take your company public. “Certainly the crew at Twitter has had ample opportunity to study recent history and draw whatever lessons they can from it,” said Kevin Landis…

SEC Brings Enforcement Action Under Regulation FD Against Investor Relations Professional
Since its adoption in 2000, Regulation FD has prohibited public companies and personnel acting on their behalf from selectively disclosing material, nonpublic information to groups such as brokers, analysts and investors without concurrently making widespread public disclosure. In its latest enforcement action under Regulation FD, the Securities and Exchange Commission (Commission) targeted the former vice president of investor relations (the Vice President) of a publicly traded solar energy company (the Company) for making selective disclosure of material, nonpublic information to analysts and institutional investors. The Commission chose not to pursue charges against the Company…

When the Frost Is on the Pumpkin, and Often on Stocks
New York Times
MARK TWAIN was a savant about the stock market, as he was about so much else. “October. This is one of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in stocks in,” he wrote in a mock diary entry in the novel “Pudd’nhead Wilson.” He added, “The others are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August and February.”





5 Reasons That Innovation at Twitter Might Take a Hit
New York Times
When a company takes itself public, it can function like a shock to the internal system, especially at companies accustomed to operating in start-up mode. Money rushes in, some longtime employees cash out, and new pressures loom over management to increase revenue. So Twitter, the latest high-profile I.P.O., will probably face some significant changes. Many technology firms pledge to maintain a kind of nimble, hacker ethos after they go public.

Fall TV’s Smartest Marketing Tactics Use Yogurt And Quick Cash
How much will it cost to get people to watch “Lucky 7?” For ABC, the answer is at least $100,000. The network is launching a sweepstakes to get people interested in sampling the freshman drama about seven gas-station employees who strike it rich in the lottery. As the debut episode unspools Sept. 24, seven numbered balls will appear in the lower third of the screen. The winner will be disclosed – from among fans who have entered the contest online – after the premiere airs on the West Coast, said Marla Provencio, chief marketing officer at ABC.

Microsfoft Targets Apple iPad Users with $200 Trade In Deal to Switch to Surface
The Drum
Microsoft has targeted Apple’s iPad customers with a minimum $200 offer to swap the tablets for its own Surface devices instead. The Windows-developer has begun the offer in the US and Canada to lure iPad owners away from Apple’s devices towards its own, by offering customers a minimum of $200 of store credit to trade in their iPad for a Surface and other products through the Microsoft store.

4 Ways Hospitals Can Improve Marketing
Fierce Healthcare
Last week, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Highmark landed in hot water with state officials for airing alleged “attack” ads on TV and in print. On the other hand, some marketing leaders make the opposite mistake–taking too cautious an approach when creating campaigns to inform and attract patients. Effective marketing can help hospitals stand out, boosting their image and patient volume, so here are four ways hospital marketers can find the sweet spot between healthy competition and ads that cross the line …





BBC Hires Whitehall Veteran PR to Repair its Tarnished Image
The Guardian UK
The BBC has hired a Whitehall veteran to overhaul its communications and PR practices after a catastrophic year which has seen the corporation’s image tarnished by the Jimmy Savile scandal, the resignation of its director general, and the row over executive payoffs. John Shield is joining the BBC from the Department of Work and Pensions to be director of communications…

Putin and Bush’s Favorite PR firm
National Journal
With his op-ed in The New York Times Thursday morning, Russian President Vladimir Putin has done what no American can–unite Congress. Granted, it’s united by an intense, “vomit”-inducing revolution at the spectacle of being lectured to by a hostile strongman in the nation’s paper of record, but at least Putin can claim an unlikely bedfellow in President George W. Bush. Ketchum, the PR firm Putin used to place his op-ed in The Times, was the same company that the Bush administration used to produce what the Government Accountability Office…





How Netflix Uses Piracy to Pick Its Programming
Netflix examines what’s popular on Internet piracy sites as part of its content-development strategy, according to a company executive. In addition what’s popular among TV viewers in a given country, “when purchasing series, we look at what does well on piracy sites,” Netflix VP of content acquisition Kelly Merryman said, according to a translation of her comments to Tweakers, a technology website based in the Netherlands.

Women Still Rule the Social Media World
Marketing Pilgrim
Maybe it’s because we’re naturally more chatty or perhaps it’s because we’re more open about our feelings. . . whatever the reason, women rule the social media world. This graphic from the Pew Internet and American Life Project Fact Tank shows the rise in social media usage by gender from 2008 to 2013. Ignoring the colors for a moment, let’s just take the time to marvel at the incredible climb. Five years ago, only 29% of online adults were using social media. Now, the average is 72%. That’s incredible.

Facebook Inc (FB) Wins Positive Response In Advertising Survey By RBC
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) emerged as a robust player with a strong presence among marketers and advertisers who are looking forward to taking up their ad expenditure on Facebook in the coming months, according to a survey conducted by RBC Capital Markets along with AdAge. Analysts Mark S. Mahaney and Andre Sequin from RBC noted some important takeaways from the survey.

Government Shelves New Zealand Media Regulation Review
ZD Net
The New Zealand Government has shelved an extensive report on media regulation that recommended bloggers, new media content producers and platforms, and traditional media should be brought under the authority of a single regulator. The review, by the New Zealand Law Commission, was carried out in parallel with the Leveson Enquiry in the UK, prompted by the News Of The World phone hacking scandal, and a similar exercise in Australia.





How Much of Hardware is Software, and Do the Differences Even Matter Any More?
Giga Om
The worlds of hardware and software were once quite distinct: hardware products sat on shelves in boxes, while software was something you purchased or downloaded for your computer. However, that dynamic is changing – and fast. Today, offering consumer hardware without great software isn’t viable anymore. With the emergence of connected devices, consumers aren’t just looking for great hardware or specifications; they expect great, connected experiences…

Speedy 4G LTE Service Means More In-Car Apps
Automotive News
Rapid growth of the 4G LTE standard for high-speed data in mobile phones is expected to increase dramatically the demand for in-car connectivity. “LTE in cars is a real game-changer,” Markus Dietz, project manager for BMW’s LTE development team, told Automotive News Europe. He said the technology will offer in-car Internet connections that can be even faster than the high-speed connections currently available in most homes and offices.





Twitter Files for IPO – What it means for users, investors, and social media
Brian Solis


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The Epic Face-Off in Copywriting: Hype vs. No-Hype [Infographic

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How to Never Run Out of Blog Content Ideas
Heidi Cohen: Actionable Marketing Expert

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McDonald’s teams up with Juan Luis Guerra for Hispanic Heritage Month, launches digital campaign
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