Monday, March 31, 2014: Parade Magazine Alive And Well In Digital World.The Shifting IPO Market. Branding Rain Drops. Reinventing The Internet. Coke Still #1 Brand.

 Monday, March 31, 2014




As Marketing Changes, Things Stay the Same
By Danny Groner, Manager, Blogger Partnerships & Outreach @Shutterstock
I’m turning 31 this year. That means that I can sneak in as a milliennial, yet can also remember an era before high-speed internet was the norm. And I can also recall a time when we capitalized the word internet. Having an understanding and appreciation for what came before you is central to any position, campaign, project, or gig. If you don’t ask questions and educate yourself about …

Parade Magazine Still Pops Between The Pages Of Sunday Newspapers All Across The Country
The Mr. Magazine™ Conversation With Maggie Murphy, Editor of Parade Magazine and Its CEO Jack Haire As They Discuss The Future Of Parade And America’s Newspapers In General…
For over 70 years, Parade Magazine has lived between the pages of America’s Sunday newspapers and has always provided its readers with quality stories …

How Movement Marketing Positively Affects Brand Affinity
By Rachel David, Media Relations Representative, M/C/C
In today’s world where every person’s opinion is voiced across social platforms, brands, too, should take a stand for what they believe in. It seems to be paying off and increasing the amount of positive conversations and pay-it-forward sense of social community. Movement marketing is a strategy in which companies find an idea or issue that is on the rise within the culture, define and declare their …

The Battle Over Trust: Coke vs. Pepsi
By Noah Krusell, Director, Analytical Services, evolve24
Editor’s Note: As reported Sunday by The Drum, “Coca-Cola has been named the most powerful brand in an annual study by CoreBrand.” Learn more about the brand and the level of trust associated with it when you download the evolve24 Trust Study-Coke vs. Pepsi.




Content We Love: Amplifying Owned Content
For the Agile Engagement Channel
Today’s buying journey is heavily dependent on discoverability, peer or influencer recommendations, and trust. Attempting to promote the content you’ve worked hard to create by relying solely on owned channels such as your company website or social media accounts can prevent those messages from being discovered beyond the audiences you’ve already acquired.

The Media Evolution and Its Impact on PR
For the Agile Engagement Channel
Newsrooms traditionally reached their audience through one channel and measured a story’s success by its impact on the local community. However, that’s all changed, said Ellyn Angelotti, Director of Custom Programs at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies. Audiences now access a media outlet through multiple channels. In addition to traditional print and broadcasting …

Big Data in the Big Apple: The Full Line-up for the PRSA | PRIME Research Strategic Corporate Communications and Research Conference
For the PR ROI Channel
The #PRSAPRIME Conference has secured the highest concentration of Fortune 100 speakers of any conference of its kind! As the conference is soon approaching, we’d love to share our entire schedule of presentations with you.




Tradeshow Power: Maximizing the Content (Knowledge) & Networking Opportunities of a Tradeshow With Digital Content
Free Webinar: Wednesday, April 2nd
Join the conversation as Trace Cohen, President of enages our panel of communications executives about the educational and knowledge-sharing power open to all associations and tradeshows when they organize content, share …

Is Shareholder Activism Gaining Momentum? Your Company Just Might Be aTarget
Free Webinar: Tuesday, April 8th
Apple, eBay, Yahoo!, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble and Microsoft share something in common. They are all well-known, large-cap public companies that have been targeted by activist shareholders, who, via various types of campaigns, have sought to pressure the boards of directors of these companies to take …

Powering B2B Content Marketing Campaigns Through Multimedia
Free Webinar: Wednesday, April 9th
The B2B buying process has changed. In today’s content-heavy market, you can no longer rely only on brochures to close sales. In fact, the latest TechTarget Media Consumption Research Brief revealed that 65% of B2B technology buyers need at least four pieces of content before they make a shortlist of vendors.

Visual Content Marketing & Communications Summit
Live Event: (New York City) April 10th
Brands and organizations have embraced content marketing as a central component of their marketing and communications strategy. Social media has emerged as a dynamic source of content distribution where consumers can discover more brands and products online than ever before. However, the scope of content marketing now must comprise of visual elements to meet the …

Employing Visual Content for Compelling Storytelling
Live Event: (Washington, DC) April 22nd
The presence of content in its various forms across the digital landscape has given rise to an era of instant gratification – a time where anyone can search for a topic of their choosing or send out a message through their social channels to obtain relevant information. As organizations seek to maintain visibility, share their stories and establish a connection with the digital masses …



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BlackBerry’s ‘New Coke’ Moment: John Chen To Resurrect Company’s Old, but Beloved Phones
Financial Post
Just as The Coca-Cola Co. was once famously forced to abandon its strategy of altering the recipe of its flagship softdrink, Blckberry’s chief executive is reaching into his company’s recent past, resurrecting old, but beloved, devices in an effort to get the once dominant mobile pioneer back on track.

Australia’s Automotive Industry Is Set To Boom Despite Recent Setbacks
THE closure of car manufacturing plants will not kill Australia’s auto industry, according to a new report from Auto Sills Australia. The industry is instead predicted to grow as the research reveals a national shortage of 21,175 workers in key skills areas of the car industry.

This Dad Makes Awesome CGI Videos Of His Son
Popular Science
Normally, videos of somebody’s kid are boring. But when the dad works with Pixar? Way less boring.

Mom’s Harness Invention Gives Kids a Chance to Walk
When Rotem Elnatan was 2 years old, his physical therapist told his mom Debby Elnatan some upsetting news: “Rotem does not know what his legs are. He has no consciousness of them.”

Another Case Between Apple-Samsung Heads To Court
The fiercest rivalry in the world of smartphones is heading back to court in Silicon Valley, with Apple and Samsung accusing each other, once again, of ripping off designs and features. The trial starting today will mark the latest round in a long-running series of lawsuits between the tech giants.




CBS Outdoor Seeks To Buy Small Rivals After $560 Million IPO
By splitting off from CBS and becoming a real estate investment trust, the business will have the ability to buy competitors in the 25 biggest U.S. markets and convert more locations to more-profitable electronic signs.

Chinese Buyer Offers £450m for British Retailer House of Fraser
Telegraph UK
Sanpower Group, which was founded in Nanjing in 1993 by 49-year-old entrepreneur Yafei Yuan, has entered the fray as bankers continue to prepare the department store chain for a long-awaited initial public offering (IPO).

The Shifting IPO Market
Once the Facebook hangover had lifted, Marketo and Tableau had big openings, and Twitter smashed the world on its opening day, the door for IPOs appeared to be wide open. King Digital and Aerohive both pulled the trigger, and Box is on deck.

If You Back A Kickstarter Project That Sells for $2 Billion, Do You Deserve To Get Rich?
The Verge
Oculus’s backers could have had a 145x return on their donation. Here’s why that never would have happened

First Rare Earth Bourse Starts Trading
China Daily
China’s first rare earths exchange started trading on Friday as the biggest producer of the elements seeks to increase the role of the free market amid criticism overseas for limiting exports.




Packaging Design: Making Shoppers Mad About The Brand
Marketing Week
Shoppers are creatures of habit and the distinctive packaging of their favourite brands can help them navigate today’s cluttered supermarkets. Colour, shape, fonts, logos and imagery can all play a part in directing people to certain products. And with more than three- quarters of purchase decisions made at the shelf it pays for marketers to get the packaging right.

Branded Rain: the Hottest Fake Thing In Marketing
It’s not real – well, not today, anyway – but Publicis Seattle has dreamed up an experiential marketing tactic for a straight-faced but obviously gag-filled video that asks questions like, “What if a raindrop could do more?” The idea for the world’s first branded aromatic rain was developed by Publicis and the “scientific community.”

Can Large Companies Still Be Innovative?
While younger entrepreneurs seem to have the market cornered on innovation, especially using technology to disrupt industries, the larger, older companies are often the ones in danger. But these three companies have $150 billion in market cap based on their ability to fight back.

Top 5 Social Media Tools Every Marketer Needs to Know About
Huffington Post
For both small companies and mega-brands alike, social media can pose a tremendously powerful opportunity to engage with customers, industry influencers, and prospects.

Coca-Cola Tops Most-Powerful Brands List For Sixth Year Running
The Drum
Hershey was named the number two brand in the study while Bayer, a chemical company, rose from its number four spot of 2013 to take third place. Although Amazon found itself at the bottom of the list, CoreBrands said it “has the greatest momentum”.




Malaysia Airlines Calls In Ketchum For MH370 Crisis PR Counsel
The Holmes Report
The beleagured airline called in John Bailey a well-known aviation PR expert who heads Ketchum Icon in Singapore.

Do Women Make Better PR Professionals Than Men? A POV From The Philippines.
Business Mirror
Are women better suited to PR than men? And assuming they are, do they rise as fast in the companies they work for as men?




UK’s Independent Newspaper For Sale At ‘The Right Price’
The owner of the Independent, Evgeny Lebedev, says the newspaper could be for sale if somebody “offers the right price”. He qualified that by saying that he was “not actively trying to sell it”. Today he launched London Live, a 24-hour television network dedicated to news, entertainment and culture in the capital.

Ford Destroys Cadillac’s Ad Praising Rich Guys Who Work All The Time
The American automaker’s commercial response draws into question the message the luxury car company’s advertisement sent.

Five Ways to Build a Killer Mobile Ad Experience
Venture Beat
As mobile adoption continues to accelerate, perhaps no topic has been more widely debated or examined than how to best monetize mobile apps.

McDonald’s Spent More Than $988M In The U.S On Advertising In 2013
Christian Science Monitor
Although restaurants spent roughly $17.7 million on advertising per day in 2013, the category ranked 8th among advertisers. And its 5.2% increase was not the largest. Ad spending in the telecom category was up 8.2% in 2013; the insurance category was up 8.1%. The largest decline was the 11.4% drop by direct-response companies. Ad spending also declined (-4.1%) in the financial services category.




Stanford Team is Reinventing the Entire Internet for Just $10M
Venture Beat
If anyone tries to tell you that government grants play no role in technology innovation, point them to the field of software-defined networking.

Step Toward Making Life From Scratch
The Verge
For the first time, researchers have synthesized a eukaryotic chromosome in a lab.

Is A Hacker’s Access To A Tesla Just A Password Away?
Automotive News
Tesla’s Model S car can only be driven when a key fob is present, but it can be unlocked via a command to the car transmitted wirelessly over the Internet, a security expert says.

Dell’s New Research Division Wants Computers To Detect Your Mood
The mood experiments are among others underway at Dell Research that stretch across four broad areas: security, data insights, mobility and the Internet of Things, and cloud and modern data centers.

It Will Soon Be Legal In The U.K. to Copy CDs
An update to UK copyright law means that from 1 June 2014 it will no longer be illegal to make copies of CDs — or ebooks or any other media — that you have bought for personal use.




How a Conversation About a New Movie Made Me Rethink How I Chase My Aspirations
Brian Solis

5 LinkedIn Marketing Tips That Rock from @JasonMillerCA of LinkedIn at #SMMW14
Top Rank

Black Swan in the Black Sea


Blog Audience Mindset-5 Tricks To Know What Readers Want
Heidi Cohen: Actionable Marketing Expert

Video Marketing Tips and Tricks with Caleb Wojcik

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Judge Clears Way for Trial in Silicon Valley Wage Case