Monday, March 24, 2014: GM’s Crisis Management Scorecard. Email’s Ugliest Secret. Canadian Newspapers In Turmoil. Candy Crush & 13 Other IPO’s. Marketing Surveys Dying.

 Monday, March 24, 2014




GM’s Crisis Management Scorecard
By David E. Johnson, CEO, Strategic Vision, LLC
Key aspects of successful crisis communications are remembering your stakeholders, show empathy, and attempt to change the media narrative of the story. Last week, we saw General Motors CEO, Mary Barra attempt this as she dealt with the crisis that has resulted in the recall of 1.6 million small cars …

Thought Leadership and the Big Tuna
By Rodger Roeser, CEO, The Eisen Agency
As the big tuna for a content development firm, we often are asked to craft and concept thought leadership campaigns for our clientele. It is something we also often practice ourselves as we believe it is a critical component of any good content development and brand development program. I am the CEO of my firm and with that comes unique insights and expertise that other leaders …

Unemployed? 3 Changes To Make To Your Online Profiles
The Hiring Hub…By Marie Raperto
Marketing yourself online can be difficult at any time. If you’ve lost your job, do you say you are unemployed? Do you discuss what you are looking for? Are you worried that someone from your previous firm will be reviewing your online profiles? There are a lot of things to stress about if you want to worry about them. It’s better to just look ahead and position yourself for the future.

Buying Newsweek and Bringing it Back to Print – The Story Behind the Acquisition and the Rebirth of the Printed Magazine.
Mr. Magazine’s™ Interview with Etienne Uzac, Co-Founder and CEO of IBT Media
Fresh life has been breathed into Newsweek with its purchase by IBT Media, a global digital news organization founded by Etienne Uzac and Johnathan Davis.




News Writing in a News Release: The Latest ‘Content We Love’
For the Agile Engagement Channel
One of my fondest childhood memories is visiting the Museum of Natural History and looking up in awe at the massive replicas of dinosaur skeletons. Tyrannosaurus Rex was always my favorite. To me, its enormous jaws and ferociousness as depicted in popular culture were symbols of its strength and supremacy above all other beings. After reading the press release …

Mobilizing Your Analyst Day
For the Mobile Comms and IR Channel
everyone who will attend these events has some sort of mobile device. Indeed, as the research shows, investors are becoming more dependent on their mobile device to receive investor information and are requiring that the content provided be easy to access and read. In preparation for upcoming analyst days, theCOMMSapp and its family of communications app building solutions …

Newsjacking the Basketball Madness of March
By Tim Kadahl, Solutions Manager and Writer, Universal Information Services: For the Image & Innovation Channel
NCAA basketball goes from being locally and regionally interesting to nationally over-the-top important for a few weeks each spring. Like a retail business that needs a good Christmas season to maintain itself, college and university athletic directors (along with their campus presidents) hope for good tournament runs …




Corporate/IR Website Best Practice: Go Behind the Scenes of the S&P100 Corporate Website Survey
Free Google+ Hangout On-Air: Wednesday, March 26th
The Investis S&P100 semi-annual corporate and IR website survey launched in March has identified GE, Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft as having the best corporate web estates in the US. We will be hosting a free Google+ Hangout On-Air at 1:30 pm Eastern on March 26th to explain our methodology …

Knowledge & Networking Mixer
Live Event: (San Jose) March 26th
Join PR Newswire on Wednesday, March 26th for the first event in our networking and thought leadership series. The evening will start with an interactive conversation with PR Newswire’s Global Director, Emerging Media, Michael Pranikoff on industry trends affecting the market, and tactics that can be adapted to keep your brand story fresh and attention growing.

How to Keep Your Content Relevant in the Age of the Selfie
Live Event: (San Francisco) March 27th
Selfie has been named the word of 2013 by Oxford Dictionaries. It seems like everyone is taking selfies these days and are the latest in a major shift in content creation over the last several years. So how can a brand compete and stand out to get your message seen? Brand content now needs to be relevant to its audience and to generate both awareness and attention.

Social Media Marketing World 2014
Live Event: (San Diego) March 26th – 28th
Join 60 experts (including Chris Brogan, Mari Smith, Michael Hyatt, Jay Baer, John Jantsch, Amy Porterfield, Mark Schaefer and experts from more than a dozen brands) as they help you master social media marketing at Social Media Marketing World 2014. Experience a networking party on a naval aircraft carrier and much more!

Internal Communications & Collaboration Leadership Forum
Live Event: (New York City) March 27th
Internal communications is rapidly changing. Technology has greatly impacted how organizations communicate with not only employees, but third parties such as consultants, partners, and outsourcers. The boundaries between home and work are vanishing. Our summit will demonstrate specific case studies about how organizations improve productivity and communications with employees …

ClickZ Live New York
Live Event: (New York City) March 31st – April 3rd
With over 110 speakers leading 60 sessions this event is designed to help companies identify market opportunities and develop targeted offerings through the latest digital strategies and techniques. ClickZ Live is the evolution of SES Conference & Expo. SES established itself as a leading conference for digital marketers and now takes on the identity of the industry’s premier …

Tradeshow Power: Maximizing the Content (Knowledge) & Networking Opportunities of a Tradeshow With Digital Content
Free Webinar: Wednesday, April 2nd
Join the conversation as Trace Cohen, President of enages our panel of communications executives about the educational and knowledge-sharing power open to all associations and tradeshows when they organize content, share …

Is Shareholder Activism Gaining Momentum? Your Company Just Might Be a Target
Free Webinar: Tuesday, April 8th
Apple, eBay, Yahoo!, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble and Microsoft share something in common. They are all well-known, large-cap public companies that have been targeted by activist shareholders, who, via various types of campaigns, have sought to pressure the boards of directors of these companies to take …

Powering B2B Content Marketing Campaigns Through Multimedia
Free Webinar: April 9th
The B2B buying process has changed. In today’s content-heavy market, you can no longer rely only on brochures to close sales. In fact, the latest TechTarget Media Consumption Research Brief revealed that 65% of B2B technology …

Visual Content Marketing & Communications Summit
Live Event: (New York City) April 10th
Brands and organizations have embraced content marketing as a central component of their marketing and communications strategy. Social media has emerged as a dynamic source of content distribution where consumers can discover more brands and products online than ever before.


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Microsoft Exposes Email’s Ugliest Secret
The Verge
For the vast majority of people, our email system is based on third-party access, whether it’s Microsoft, Google, Apple or whoever else you decide to trust. Our data is held on their servers, routed by their protocols, and they hold the keys to any encryption that protects it. The deal works because they’re providing important services, paying our server bills, and for the most part, we trust them. But this week’s Microsoft news has chipped away at that trust, and for many, it’s made us realize just how frightening the system is without it.

GM Prepares Dealers For Onslaught Of Recall Work
Automotive News
GM has altered its rental car policy and has agreed to work with Enterprise, Hertz and Avis to ensure rentals are available to customers if demand exhausts dealer courtesy cars. “Normally we require a GM vehicle when we do any rental assistance, but we’ve waived that,” said Jim Cain, a GM spokesman. “We’d expect most, if not all of the customers, will receive a new GM product but if one is not available, we don’t want anyone to be inconvenienced.”

AT&T Doesn’t Agree With Netflix On Peering And Net Neutrality
Giga Om
The increasingly public spat on peering and net neutrality continued Friday with a blog post by AT&T Senior Executive Vice President-External and Legislative Affairs Jim Cicconi, who essentially argued that Netflix was trying to get everyone to foot the bill for something the company should have to pay for

The Mammoth Cometh
New York Times
Bringing extinct animals back to life is really happening – and it’s going to be very, very cool. Unless it ends up being very, very bad.




The 50 Most Loved CEOs In America
LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner is the most loved CEO among his employees in American big business, according to survey results from

Candy Crush mania coming to Wall Street
Investors Business Daily
King Digital Entertainment, which makes the popular Candy Crush Saga online game, is one of 14 companies set to go public this week.

The Chewing Gum Business Is Losing Its Pop
Gum makers can’t say their problem is not enough variety. But many consumers like alternatives that don’t come with gum’s unpleasant characteristics, like the question of how to dispose of it discreetly.




The Internet Is Killing Off Marketing Surveys
Venture Beat
For decades, marketers relied on customer surveys to gauge sentiment about products and services and to make important go/no go decisions. Though their form evolved from mall intercepts to telephone surveys to online instruments, surveys were the gold standard that companies relied on to validate and justify their decisions. Then, about eight years ago, people started raising concerns about respondent quality; and as social media took off, some dared to wonder aloud whether online ratings and reviews were eliminating the need for surveys altogether.

Meet The Top 30 Social Salespeople In The World
“Never underestimate the fondness of people and organizations for the status quo,” Enterprise 2.0 author Andrew McAfee warns businesses. People are naturally resistant to change, and while that’s not always a bad thing, I’ve encountered my fair share of people resistant to the massive changes and opportunities that social media is creating in business and the workplace.

We’re All Celebrities Now: Can Micro-Endorsements Become the New Klout Perk?
Fast Company
Instead of flash in the pan campaigns, what if big companies enabled all citizens to make lasting change?

How to Use Twitter for Business and Marketing
Social Media Examiner
Here’s a checklist of everything your business needs to do to get on (or back on) Twitter and start seeing great results.




PR Firms Are Missing A Vital Component In Their Operations.
ZD Net
Public relations has been pulled into the modern world (complaining about the extra work of social) but not much has really changed. It’s still very much a hand-crafted, artisanal business, its use of technology is a Twitter hashtag and a dashboard of likes and shares. But without a significant tech component PR is at a big disadvantage because it can’t scale, it can’t grow without growing more people. Which is also why valuations of PR firms are low compared to their revenue.




The Great Canadian Newspaper Exodus
Imagine if the editors-in-chief at The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Associated Press all stepped down or resigned in the span of a week. That’s effectively what’s happening in Canada right now.

Diet Coke Ad Celebrates Entrepreneurs’ Caffeine Addiction
The new ad suggests founders perform at their best when they’re “on” Diet Coke. Harmless message? Maybe–if it didn’t reveal an ugly truth about startup life.

How Brands Can Harness The People To Achieve Real Impact
Fast Company
Instead of flash in the pan campaigns, what if big companies enabled all citizens to make lasting change?




Flazio, An Italian Web-Design Engine, Lets You Build A Site Through Your Facebook Page
Website creation software is a dime-a-dozen. You press a button, type in some jazz, and come up with a one page website for you and yours. But what if I said there was something that could make it even easier? Flazio, a service made by Sicilian brother and sister team Elisa and Flavio Fazio, can presumably do just that.

Can A Robot Give A TED Talk? TED Hopes So
Popular Science
A new XPrize for artificial intelligence takes center stage.




The Future of Learning is Stuck in the Past: Why Education is Less About Technology and More About Behavior
Brian Solis

Whatever Happened To The Big Technology PR Launch?

The Anonymous Short: Seeking Alpha and Message Boards


The Blog Learning Curve: How To Improve Your Results

Heidi Cohen: Actionable Marketing Expert

The Day Twitter Music Died

Beyond Networks: Measurement, Modeling and the Emerging Transformation of Public Relations
JPC: Journal of Professional Communication