Monday, June 2, 2014: Is IPG For Sale? The Next Big Thing – Artisanal Toast; What’s Next For Jay Carney? Marketing Cynics Beware; Donald Sterling Saga About To End

 Monday, June 02, 2014




Marketing Cynics Beware: Death or Dementia Awaits
By Susan M. Tellem, APR, RN, BSN, Partner, Tellem Grody PR, Inc.
According to Adweek, more than 300 marketing and agency leaders made predictions for the future revealing that “the most cynical marketers predicted the agency world will become very niche, nonexistent or extinct.” Results were based on an anonymous survey from RSW/US. Interestingly enough, as I sat down to write my own prediction, the University of Eastern Finland released a study …

Donald Sterling Drama Coming to a Close – Crisis Management Lessons to be Learned
By David E. Johnson,CEO, Strategic Vision, LLC
The long nightmare for the NBA better known as the ‘Donald Sterling’ drama appears to be coming to an end. Yes Sterling can sue the NBA but it appears ownership of the LA Clippers will soon be gone from Sterling and his family pending approval by the NBA teams’ owners to former Microsoft CEO …

The Donald Sterling Racism Scandal
Editor’s Note: The media coverage and the lingering effects of the Donald Sterling racism scandal will continue to generate media ‘buzz’ well after the change in ownership of the LA Clippers becomes finalized. We are witnessing the evolution of the modern-day crisis that develops within the 24/7/365 news cycle of today’s media. In fact would it be a crisis at all if it were not for technology and …

A Record-Breaking Month In New Consumer Magazine Launches
What A May and If I May… A Mr. Magazine™ Musing
From titles whose premier issue didn’t make the cut due to a non-newsstand presence to their second or third issue that did; May 2014 has proven to be a successful month for new launches. 96 new faces smiled back at me as I joyfully shopped and purchased each one…27 are with regular frequency; titles …

When Headlines Get It Wrong: The Shaming Of Chirlane McCray
By Jennefer Witter, CEO and Founder, The Boreland Group Inc.
Chirlane McCray, the First Lady of New York City, is a bad mother. Or so you would assume, after the New York Daily News and the New York Post trumpeted as much on their respective covers. For those who don’t know, Ms. McCray is the wife of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. She was the recent subject of a 5,800 plus word New York Magazine profile.




Content We Love: Visteon Demonstrates the Future of Automotive Technology and the Future of Press Releases
For the Agile Engagement Channel
Marketers today strive towards a mutually beneficial relationship between brand and consumer. More and more companies are recognizing the advantages that press releases deliver to marketers in distributing owned content that educates their target customer. Visteon Corporation’s recent press release …

Bill Doescher on Receiving the Prestigious John W. Hill Award
For the Strategic Video Communications Channel
Right before taking the stage to accept the John W. Hill Award at the PRSA-NY 2014 Big Apple Awards, Bill Doescher, President & CEO of the Doescher Group, in conversation with Doug Simon, tells us how he made it to this prestigious milestone in his career and shares his advice for fellow PR professionals.

Capstone Research – Best Practices: Tips for Communicating During Ukraine and Other Conflicts
For the NYU-SCPS Strategic Communication, Marketing, and Media Management (SCM3) Thought Leadership Channel
In this age of constantly flowing information through social media and other digital platforms, communicators must rapidly respond to changing on-the-ground political and perhaps combat situations. Current conflicts in Ukraine, Crimea …

2014 PRSA | PRIME Research Strategic Communication and Research Conference In Review
For the PR ROI Channel
PRIME Research was pleased to have more than 60 attendees for our two-day conference focusing on proving value with public relations research. With our partnership with the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), we obtained top communication executives who spoke to the importance of research …




7 Disturbing News Media Trends & How You Can Combat Them
Free Google+ Hangout On-Air: Wednesday, June 4
The television news media continue to go from bad to worse. New disturbing trends have a huge impact on public relations, your media interactions, and the reputation and revenues of your employer. How do you do you combat these disturbing trends? How best to monitor and measure their impact on your media campaign?

Social Media Marketing Summit for Law Firms
Live Event (New York City): Tuesday, June 10
Law firms continue to adapt to the changing communications landscape as they seek to attract new clients and expand business with existing ones through the strategic use of social media. This forum will share lessons learned from leading firms about how they use social media and content marketing to highlight expertise, build new business and expand relationships with existing clients.

Financial Services Social Business Leadership Forum
Live Event (Philadelphia): Thursday June 12
Financial Institutions are changing how they do business as technology continues to impact the way financial services companies communicate and collaborate with customers, employees, recruits, agents, advisers, partners, media, and the public. As leading financial institutions are embracing new social technologies, they also must meet compliance and legal requirements …

The Economic Impact of Social Sharing
When it comes to consumer decision making, research by ShareThis shows that online recommendations are nearly as influential as in-person recommendations. With this in mind, brands must consider the financial implications of social sharing in order to compete successfully in a digital world where a Tweet or Facebook post can change what consumers are willing to pay.



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Artisanal Toast Is Taking The Nation by Storm
Artisanal toast, a trend that has been the subject of eye-rolling and has been laughed off as “twee” and very San Francisco, is catching on in cities across the nation.

How Book Publishers Can Beat Amazon
The Economic Times
If you are wondering why Amazon would subject its customers to this inconvenience and wish to understand what’s really happening between Amazon and Hachette – and, indeed, all the major book publishers – you need to know the meaning of the word monopsony.

Harvard Business School, Disrupted
New York Times
Universities across the country are wrestling with the same question – call it the educator’s quandary – of whether to plunge into the rapidly growing realm of online teaching, at the risk of devaluing the on-campus education for which students pay tens of thousands of dollars, or to stand pat at the risk of being left behind.

What To Expect From This Week’s Apple WWDC
Venture Beat
Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) kicks off today in San Francisco. And yes, the rumor mill is now churning at full speed with speculation. To help make sense of the hearsay, here’s a concise summary of everything Apple is rumored to debut today.

UK Airline Scraps Reclining Seats To Stop Air Rage
New Zealand Herald
Monarch Airways is scrapping adjustable seat-backs throughout its fleet. The move comes after surveys found 60 per cent of cabin crew have witnessed arguments sparked by lowering the seat-back – and nine out of ten passengers think reclining seats should be banned on short-haul flights. The airline insisted its move was not a ruse to cram more seats on to its planes and said feedback from initial trials has been overwhelmingly positive.




The Amazon of Russia Is Building Its Own UPS-While Battling The Black Market
OZON isn’t a coffee chain. It’s an online retailer vying to become Russia’s answer to Amazon. But unlike Amazon, it operates more than 2,000 brick-and-mortar locations where customers can pick up the stuff they purchased on its website. OZON CEO Maelle Gavet likes to pitch these “pickup points” as the “Starbucks of e-commerce.”

Is Interpublic Group A Takeover Target?
Media Post
IPG stock continued its feverish run-up on Friday, reaching a high of $19.50 — its highest price in years. By midafternoon, volume was about 60% higher than usual, with over 11 million shares traded. The hectic trading in IPG’s stock comes amid speculation, first reported by CNBC, that hedge fund Elliott Management is buying up shares and placing a big bet that IPG may be acquired.

Investors Hit By IPO ‘Indigestion’ In Wake Of British Retail Flotation Glut
The Grocer
Companies hoping to tap the early year thirst for retail flotations have been warned investors are losing their appetite.




Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company Goes Mass Market With Target
The sustainable, clean line of home and baby products was picked up by Target and and will start selling in-stores and online nationwide on June 15.

Dish’s Move To Accept Bitcoin Seen As An Effective Marketing Maneuver
The Los Angeles Times
Merely accepting bitcoin won’t have too much of a financial effect on Dish, according to analyst Amy Yong of Macquarie Capital Securities. Rather, the move is an indication of Dish’s willingness to embrace and invest in new technologies, like the Hopper DVR, she said, which can record up to six channels at a time and store up to 2,000 hours of programming.

How Advertisers Are Selling With Emotion
Anybody who’s watched commercials on TV lately will recognize this formula: We meet a character – a grizzled dad or an adorable baby – then add some measure of adversity, the music turns hopeful and then there is an emotional conclusion.




Parlor Game: What’s Next For Jay Carney?
White House press secretaries hustle for the president. Then a lot of them go on to do the same thing for special interests. Will outgoing press secretary Jay Carney do the same?

5 Great PR Lessons We Can Learn from Mark Twain
Media Bistro: PRNewser
That’s when this latest edition of “5 Things” hit me: What else can we learn from this beautiful mind? So, I did some research. Here are 5 great PR lessons all flacks can learn from Mark Twain.




Upfronts 2014: TV Networks, Advertisers Cling To Pricing Debate
According to executives on both sides of the table, advertisers and their representatives are pressing for TV networks to accept a lower rate of CPM increase, while the networks are pushing for CPM rates to stay on par with those of 2013 — or even move a little higher.

Apple Steps Up iTunes Radio Advertising Efforts: Locally Targeted Ads Reportedly Coming This Year
The Information
As the online music world focuses on Apple’s acquisition of Beats Electronics, a series of new initiatives at Apple’s iTunes Radio service could also have a significant impact on the digital music business and especially the market leader, Pandora Media. In a move that strikes at the heart of Pandora’s advertising business, iTunes Radio is expected to enable locally targeted advertising later this year, according to ad buyers who have spoken to Apple.

Four Decades Of Artificially High Newspaper Ad Revenue Goes Pop
Columbia Journalism Review
Newspaper advertising will almost surely fall to the lowest level on record this year, as ads continue to migrate to the Web. Meanwhile, reader revenue-subscriptions and newsstand sales-is the industry’s rare bright spot, with circulation sales rising the last two years thanks to digital-subscription packages.

Working At Vice Media Is Not As Cool As It Seems
In the New York media world, Vice has a reputation as a less than ideal employer. A few months ago, we asked Vice employees to tell us what it’s like working there. Many responded. And they unanimously said that while Shane Smith is getting rich, they’re struggling just to pay the bills. Most people don’t go into the media to get rich. But a company as successful as Vice should be paying decent wages. Vice doesn’t. Instead, the company pays shitty wages to low-level employees, “compensating” them instead with the sheer coolness of working for Vice Media. “

Co-Owner Of The Philadelphia Inquirer Among 7 Killed In Plane Crash
Boston Globe
Lewis Katz, 72, co-owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer, was among the 7 people killed in a plane crash at Hanscom Field in Bedford Saturday night.




Google Gets 12000 Removal Requests On First Day After EU Privacy Ruling
Vancouver Sun
The right-to-be-forgotten ruling was a surprise for Google and other companies already facing greater scrutiny over privacy practices in the 28-nation EU. The bloc is seeking to increase the powers of data-protection watchdogs to impose fines for violations. Revelations of widespread U.S. spying on EU citizens, including top politicians such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, have added to the clamor for privacy safeguards.

Apple’s WWDC Is All About Developers
Apple Insider
Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference which gets underway today, is the longest running developer confab in existence, dating back to 1986. With a lineage like that, it shouldn’t be hard to recall that the week-long event is focused squarely on the company’s development platforms.




Online Marketing News – Twitter Heading Over The Pacific, Facebook Gets Private, Most Don’t Automate
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Heidi Cohen: Actionable Marketing Expert

Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies
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