Monday, August 12, 2013 (Highlights: IPO Tips; Do You Look Like a Liar?; The Digital PR Agency; Big iPhone Event – Small Expectations)

 Monday, August 12, 2013




Tips For a Bumper Crop of IPOs
By Neil Stewart, Editorial & Research Director, IR Magazine
The IPO market usually takes a snooze in the dog days of August. Not this year. The US is on track to have the most IPOs during this summer month since August 2007, when 16 were launched. ‘It’s a fantastic year for IPOs,’ declared investment banker Robert Fuchs during the August 7th IPO boot camp webinar, entitled ‘Ready, set, IPO’. The Sunrise Securities banker cited 116 IPOs …

Do You Look Like A Liar?
By Carol Kinsey Goman. Ph.D
Last May I spoke to MBA students at the Stanford Graduate School of Business as part of a wonderful program called the Mastery in Communication Initiative. In its expert speakers’ series, Stanford invites “pioneers in the field of communication” to share their insights with business students. In my presentation, on “How to Spot Liars at Work,” which you can see here on the Stanford Business …

Mobile Marketing: Fit the Message to the Screen
By Michael Burns, Founder and CEO, Michael Burns & Associates
It’s 10 o’clock. Do you know where your iPhone is? Chances are it’s next to you. More and more Americans are tethered to their mobile devices, and as a result, mobile communications have reached epic heights among B2B marketers. The B2B Email Marketing Benchmark Report found 74 percent of B2B communicators consider email marketing vital to their success, which is largely due to the …





Turning Webinars into Real-Time Content & Market Intel
By Sarah Skerik, Vice President, Content Marketing, PR Newswire: For the Agile Engagement Channel
Every content marketer has their favorite go-to tactics, and almost all will share one in common –deriving content from content. In my hands, a simple blog post can spawn a press release, a slide deck and a host of tweets, posts, shares and updates. However, I’ve got nothing on Bo Bandy, Readytalk’s manager of …

The Digital PR Agency
For the Digital PR Channel
Back in 2000 when I first urged PR agencies to start learning digital skills I ran into a hefty dose of skepticism. Seven years ago when we launched Social Media Club very few PR agencies knew what social media was or showed any interest. In 2008 when I started my Digital PR Bootcamp classes only a few savvy agencies attended. Now, as clients demand these services, almost every …

Opt-In or Opt-Out? What Will the Next Generation of Women Leaders Do?
By Leslie Grossman, Vice Chair of the IMPACT Leadership 21 Global Advisory Council, Author of the book “LINK OUT” : For the Global Women’s Leadership Collaboration Channel
The recent New York Times Magazine article “The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In” followed up with the women featured in “The Opt-Out Revolution”, an …

Critical Minute – Innovators Make for Good Billionaires
For the Critical Now Channel
Individuals like Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, might soon be remembered for investing money in institutions that play an integral role in our society, like journalism and his recent acquisition of the Washington Post.




Smart Marketing: A Digital Marketing Road Show
For the Effective Email Marketing Channel
Big Data… Personalization… & Automation…Everyone is talking about it. Everyone wants to have it and use it. But is anyone showing you how? Big data, personalization, and automation continue as core trends in the digital marketing space. Spend the day with experts from WhatCounts, Windsor Circle, and Janrain as we discuss these digital trends and explore how companies …

Power, Persuasion & Influence
(ON-DEMAND VIDEO & PRESENTATION) Google+ Hangout On-Air Storytelling Series
True stories are especially powerful when you and the other party are in the same room breathing the same air. With all the hoopla focused on social media, to dynamically grow your business in this challenging time, it’s important to train all key leaders, young and old, to use basic storytelling to move your …

SMART News — How to Produce Content That Gets Found and Shared Online
(On-Demand Video & Presentation) Digital PR Google+ Hangout
The media landscape has changed dramatically in the last five years. More people find news and information online and in social media. They trust information they get from friends and followers more than content from brands or news from the media.This has had a profound effect on the media and how …

IPO Boot Camp 2013
Two-Part, Free Webinar Series (Part I: On-Demand, Part II: August 14th)
IPOs are once again in the news. While normally the summertime is a time when the financial community takes a breather, this summer promises to be different and will see a number of companies make their debuts. Some will succeed while others will languish. What separates the winners from the losers? A number of factors, actually; chief among them is preparation. Undertaking an IPO can be …





FCC Will “Consider Appropriate Action” If CBS Blackout Continues, But Does That Mean Anything?
While it could (and probably does) mean absolutely nothing, the acting Chairwoman of the Federal Communications Commission did something her predecessors have rarely done – expressed an opinion on, and hinted at possible intervention in, the ongoing war of words and numbers between Time Warner Cable and CBS.

Online ‘Likes’ Herd Others to Similar Views, Study Finds
Positive opinions are more influential than negative ones, at least on the Internet. If an article is “liked” on a website such as Facebook or Reddit, new readers are more likely to approve of it, according to a study published in the journal Science. While the positive reactions create a “herding” effect, the authors said, negative views don’t appear to affect people the same way.

Facebook Playing with Trending Topics – How Can it Make Hashtag Search Better?
Inside Facebook
Shortly after Facebook borrowed from Twitter (and Instagram) by making hashtags clickable on the site, industry leaders and other Facebook marketers wondered when Facebook would import another Twitter staple: trending topics. According to AllThingsD, Facebook is testing a trending section on its mobile website for select U.S. users.

Fox TV Studios in Talks to Produce NBC Hillary Clinton Miniseries
Hollywood Reporter
NBC may find an unlikely partner in the proposed Hillary Clinton miniseries that has come under fire from the G.O.P. The network is in talks to bring in Fox Television Studios as the production company on the project, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. The New York Times first reported the news.




Priceline Comes Close to Becoming the First S&P 500 Stock to Cross the $1,000 Mark
The Republic came close Friday to becoming the first stock in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index to ever cross $1,000. Investors jumped onboard after the travel booking company reported better than expected second-quarter earnings.

Time’s Ripe to Invest in U.S.
China Daily
It’s an opportune time for cashed-up Chinese to put money into the United States, owing to a favorable investment environment and lower asset prices amid the weak US economic recovery, officials said on Friday. “The US market is well developed with a sound legal system and there are a lot of sectors worth our investment, which will benefit both countries,” said Tian Deyou, deputy director-general of the department of American and Oceanian affairs at the Ministry of Commerce.

The Great Debate: Do Millennials Really Want Cars, Or Not?
Time Magazine
Why are young people less likely to purchase cars, or even have driver’s licenses nowadays? One theory has it that the generation that came of age with the Internet and smartphones thinks cars are pretty lame. Automakers prefer to see the situation differently-that young people today love cars just as much as any other group, but just can’t afford them right now.

Crocs Tussles with Wall Street
CFO Magazine
Fashionable footwear company Crocs may have thought it had an urgent problem on its hands earlier this month when a racy, unauthorized ad featuring Crocs’ shoes popped up on YouTube. But that incident required nothing more than a straight denial that the company was involved.

Tyson Says it Will Stop Buying Cattle Fed Beta-Agonist
Tyson Foods, Inc., America’s second-largest beef processor, has announced it will suspend purchases of cattle fed the beta-agonist zilpaterol, marketed by Merck under the brand name Zilmax. In a letter to cattle feeders, Tyson indicated it would stop accepting cattle fed the growth enhancer on September 6, 2013, as an interim measure while the company reviews animal welfare concerns related to the product.

M-Commerce Sees 24% – $4.7bn – Lift in Past Year, comScore Finds
The Drum
New research from comScore has found that e-commerce is up almost 16 per cent year on year to $49.8bn; while m-commerce has seen a rise of 24 per cent. The research found that e-commerce accounted for 9.6 per cent of consumers’ discretionary spending, with clothing; digital content and subscriptions; and sport and fitness all seeing an over 19 per cent category growth.





Russia Investing $4B in ‘Innovation City’ Skolkovo to Inseminate Startup Culture
Venture Beat
The Russian government is spending billions of dollars to manufacture startup culture. Skolkovo is a science park outside of Moscow that aims to be the “Russian Silicon Valley.” It is the country’s largest state-sponsored innovation hub, and it will receive around $4 billion in state funding between now and 2020.

Recession Opens Doors to Innovation in Education Technology
The Japan News
On a warm spring evening, hundreds of investment bankers, venture capitalists and geeky tech entrepreneurs gathered near the pool of the Phoenician, a luxury resort outside Phoenix. The occasion? A high-profile gathering of education innovators, and as guests sipped cocktails and nibbled hors d’oeuvres, the mood was upbeat.

Consumers Love Brand-Sponsored Contests
Everything PR
Good news for brands: according to a survey by Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange, July was a good month for brand-sponsored contests, with 1 in 3 consumers interested in participating, and entering to win. Ipsos OTX surveyed over 18,331 online consumers in 24 countries and found out that countries like Canada,South Africa, Australia, Belgium, the United States and Brazil lead when it comes to interest in brand-sponsored contests.

Big iPhone Event Sept. 10 with Small Expectations
ZD Net
Apple will reportedly hold its iPhone event Sept. 10 and the rollout of the company’s iconic smartphone can’t come soon enough. According to AllThingsD, Apple will hold its iPhone launch Sept. 10. Apple watchers largely expect the company to launch a lower cost iPhone targeted at emerging markets as well as an iPhone 5S.




Google is Forcing a Reinvention of PR
ZD Net
Lot’s of great discussion around my recent posts about Google and PR. [Did Google just kill PR agencies?] I’ve long warned that PR companies would be subject to similar forces of disruption that have been destroying the media sector for the past decade. As with the media companies, their helter skelter basket to hell was waiting for them.

Sard Verbinnen, Wall Street’s Go-To Crisis PR Firm
There was enough ink for everyone at the trial of the summer. On July 15, former Goldman Sachs (GS) banker Fabrice Tourre-better known as “Fabulous Fab”-walked into U.S. District Court accused of defrauding investors in a subprime mortgage deal during the financial crisis. His picture was on the front page of the New York Times business section, and he would stay in business press headlines for much of the next three weeks.

PR Veteran ‘Joins the Flock’ at Twitter
The Hill’s Congress Blog
Nu Wexler, former congressional flack and PR veteran, has taken a job at Twitter, he announced on the social platform on Friday afternoon. “Excited to join @TwitterComms at the end of the month, to handle public policy comms out of the DC office! #jointheflock,” wrote Wexler, the vice president of public affairs at Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications. His departure announcement comes less than five months after joining the firm.





Study Suggests Fake Web Traffic Is Worse Than You Thought
Ad Age Digital Next
Fake web traffic has long plagued the online publishing world, but Dr. Paul Barford, computer science professor at the University of Wisconsin, is claiming the problem might be worse than suspected. And it’s costing some of the top online advertisers millions in wasted ad impressions. r. Barford, who is also the chief scientist at startup MdotLabs, is slated to present a study at an Internet security symposium Wednesday in Washington, D.C., where he we will claim that 10 traffic networks are serving up more than 500 million invalid ad impressions a month.

Digital Sales Certification is Must in Today’s Ad World
Editor & Publisher
It used to be easier. “Sell, set it, and forget it” was a simple guide to advertising. Once the right outlet was found, it used to be a relatively simple matter of size, placement and frequency of ads. That’s all changed now.

AOL Chief Sours On Patch, Fires CEO Kalin
Since Tim Armstrong took the wheel at AOL in 2009, he has been an outspoken believer in Patch, and its ability to transform the news business. Now, however, Armstrong appears to be losing patience with the hyperlocal news network. On Friday, Armstrong internally announced the dismissal of Patch CEO Steven Kalin, and his replacement, AOL executive Bud Rosenthal, a source close to the situation tells Online Media Daily.

The Most Media-Savvy Stars in Tennis Today
Bleacher Report
With the game of tennis constantly evolving with technology, there is more depth to the top players than just their tennis skills. And with their fanbases growing exponentially, they need to be able to connect with them in order to preserve their images as role models and icons.The top stars in tennis are always great to see on the court and in interviews, but it is what they do and say off the court that can be of particular interest.

Post-Water-Cooler TV: How to Make a TV Drama in the Twitter Age
New York Times
For decades, the TV viewing experience was much the same. Tune into your favorite show, week by patient week, all on the network’s schedule. Feedback was restricted to faceless Nielsen ratings and perhaps a plaintive letter or phone call to executives complaining about a favorite show’s cast change or cancellation.





U.S. Trade Court Finds Samsung Electronics Guilty of Infringing Patents Held By Apple Inc
Financial Post
The long-running battle between Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics could be far from over. Yesterday (August 9), the US International Trade Commission (ITC) said it found the South Korean smartphone maker guilty of infringing portions of two patents held by its US-based rival. This controversial decision could possibly further inflame the dispute between the top two smartphone manufacturers in the world.

Inside the Hyperloop: The Pneumatic Travel System Faster than the Speed of Sound
Telegraph UK
The “cross between Concorde, a rail gun and an air hockey table” will deliver passengers between US cities faster than the speed of sound.The history of transport is replete with dreamers who have concocted such schemes for getting people from A to B in previously unimagined haste. And many of them have remained just that, impractical ideas on a drawing board that will never see the light of day.

PayPal Founder Elon Musk’s Next Big Project Could be Supersonic Jet
Elon Musk, the billionaire behind PayPal and SpaceX, has suggested that his next big project could be a supersonic vertical take-off passenger jet. He said that supersonic air travel in an electric-powered aircraft that could take off and land without the need for a long runway was the “ultimate form of transport”.

Trojan Horse: How Would You Change Amazon’s 7-inch Kindle Fire HD?
Yes, it’s basically a trojan horse, convincing you to buy stuff from Amazon’s online store, but at least it’s beautiful. HD display, stereo sound and decent hardware propelled the Kindle Fire HD to second place when it first came out, right behind the original Nexus 7. Still, this is “How Would You Change,” where we ask you to pretend that Jeff Bezos is listening to your ideas and show the world your innovative ideas on where the company can improve matters for generation three.





Marketing Driven or Market Driven?
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Optika Arena: Welcome to the Bright Side


Facebook Changes News Feed Algorithm: This Week in Social Media
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