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Branding: A ‘Must’ for a Service-Oriented Business
By David Johnson, CEO, Strategic Vision, LLC
One of the most frequent comments we hear is, “We are a service-oriented company and not a product based company and therefore branding doesn’t make sense for us, or it just won’t work.” We hear it from lawyers, medical service professionals, and those in the financial industry all of the time.

The Opportunity Paradigm in Channel Marketing
By John Schreurs, COO/President & Account Supervisor, Strategic America
For the past seven years or so, channel marketers have focused on brand consistency, resource/asset management and access, and availability of digital solutions, like ad builders, for an on-demand environment. The accrued benefits supposedly were cost savings, speed and efficiency.

talkBack: Review of ‘March Madness’
By Deborah Radman, Editorial Director,
The month of March is widely associated with the term “March Madness” and the fascinating stories behind the players and teams involved, and action on the basketball court in the NCAA’s signature event each year. I’m borrowing the terms to also characterize the wildly active news cycle we’ve experienced throughout the month …

How to Enter the ACE.BIZ Awards
The New York Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (New York / IABC) will recognize professional excellence in all aspects of business communications.
This 2013 program is the ‘reinvention’ of the New York / IABC’s long history of professional recognition, including the Communicator of the Year (COY). The ACE.BIZ Awards recognize and celebrate the communications work …



Leveraging Cause Marketing for Authentic Communications
By Sarah Skerik, Vice President-Social Media, PR Newswire, for the Agile Engagement Channel
Sponsorship is one of the oldest forms of advertising, and the basic principle — associating your brand’s name positively with something your target market enjoys — still holds water today. However, in today’s changed information marketplace, in which traditional media share the stage with bloggers, …

Visual Storytelling: Join Starbucks, the American Cancer Society…A Live Discussion about the ‘Power of Multimedia in Communications’
For the Agile Engagement Channel
We live in an era where anyone can create, publish, syndicate and consume content through multiple channels, resulting in both a challenge and opportunity for marketers and communicators. How can you spark and capture …

Sustainability at Humana: Paving Progress through Partnerships
By Chuck Lambert, VP of Associate Experience Center, Humana, for the Corporate Social Responsibility Channel
As a large employer with more than 45,000 associates in over 1,000 locations across 49 U.S. states and Puerto Rico, promoting the health and well being of our associates, members and the communities in which they work and live …

SAP’s 1st Integrated Report: From Sustainability to Integrated Thinking
By Aman Singh, CSRwire Editorial Director, for the Corporate Social Responsibility Channel
Using Integrated Reporting as a catalyst for integrated thinking. That’s how Peter Graf, SAP’s Chief Sustainability Officer expressed the firm’s decision to replace two reports –the annual report mandated by the law and …

Email Marketing Tip #40: Use SMS to Complement Your Email Campaigns
For the Effective Email Marketing Channel
SMS (short message service), or text messaging, is ideal for communicating with your audience while on the move because it’s immediate, direct, and two-way. When used together, SMS and your existing email marketing campaigns can prove to be a powerful combination.



Bad PR for ‘The Baird’: William Shakespeare ‘Ripped Off Poor and Dodge Tax’ Study Claims
The Mirror UK
Britain’s greatest playwright William Shakespeare was a tax avoider and profiteer, a study claims. He hoarded grain and sold it to the poor at inflated prices, say researchers. The Bard was hauled before the courts and threatened with prison for dodging taxes. And he was fined for stockpiling food at a time when Europe faced famine. His business deals helped him become one of Warwickshire’s largest landowners, according to research by Aberystwyth University.

Google Declares End of YouTube in April Fool’s Prank
The best April Fool’s pranks are absurd but also have a kernel of believability at their core just big enough to reel people in. While the notion that YouTube has been a 8-year-long contest and Google is finally choosing a winner and shutting the site down tonight is pretty hard to swallow on its face, Google did shock many people by announcing the shutdown of Google Reader recently. Perhaps Larry and Sergey are beginning to go all Howard Hughes on us? That’s how the below video just put out by YouTube operates. The basic premise is that YouTube has been nothing but a contest to find the best video, and the 8-year-long submission period is finally closing tonight.

April Fools Day Should Be About Jokes, Not Lame Attempts at Gaining Publicity
The Next Web
April Fools Day is upon us. You can be forgiven if you hadn’t even thought about it yet. For most people it’s just a mildly diverting day of spotting pranks in amongst news articles and listening carefully to what your friends tell you in case they’re trying to trick you. For us at The Next Web, it’s become a day of inbox tedium thanks to a kind of PR pitch that has grown in popularity in the past few years.April Fools in the media used to simply be restricted to one article in every newspaper and the occasional TV news prank. Now thanks to the Internet there are far more online news outlets and each and every one of them wants to get in on the April Fool game. That’s not all – the rise of easy online publishing tools means that everyone is a potential media outlet. That includes businesses, and those businesses want to fool us too.



Trends – answers to WHY?: Why Eat Peeps at Easter?
How the marshmallow chicks found Jesus. Along with Easter comes a barrage of Easter candy, perhaps none as much a pop-culture curiosity as Peeps. In a 2004 Explainer, Rachel Deahl researched Peeps’ ties to Easter and our fascination with the confection. The article is printed here …

Google All But Officially Admits It Wants to Be Amazon
For the past several months, Google has danced coyly around the question of exactly how deep it wants to dip into the world of shopping. But the official confirmation of its long-rumored same-day retail delivery service signals a crystal-clear intention: Google wants to be Amazon.Analysts at Baird Equity Research described the new service, which will be beta-tested in coming months by select San Francisco Bay Area residents, as “consistent with Google’s ambitions to create a larger commerce platform.”

‘Obamacare’ Marketing 101: Uninsured? Are you Healthy & Young, or Passive & Unengaged?
Washington Post
How do you convince millions of average Americans that one of the most complex and controversial programs devised by government may actually be a good deal for them? With the nation still split over President Barack Obama’s health care law, the administration has turned to the science of mass marketing for help in understanding the lives of uninsured people, hoping to craft winning pitches for a surprisingly varied group in society. The law’s supporters will have to make the sale in the run-up to an election – the 2014 midterms.

Social Marketing Practiced by Nike is Fast, Furious
Oregon Live
Since almost the moment the NCAA announced the 64 teams in this year’s men’s basketball tournament, Nike’s social media machine has been cranking. One after another, Nike has churned out magazine-quality ads with snappy slogans — “Don’t Be Fooled By The Smarts Or Harvard Will Teach You a Lesson,” for example — for some of the nearly 50 tournament teams it outfits in sneakers and uniforms.



Meet the Man Who Sold His Fate to Investors at $1 a Share
On January 26, 2008, a 30-year-old part-time entrepreneur named Mike Merrill decided to sell himself on the open market. He divided himself into 100,000 shares and set an initial public offering price of $1 a share. Each share would earn a potential return on profits he made outside of his day job as a customer service rep at a small Portland, Oregon, software company. Over the next 10 days, 12 of his friends and acquaintances bought 929 shares, and Merrill ended up with a handful of extra cash. He kept the remaining 99.1 percent of himself but promised that his shares would be nonvoting: He’d let his new stockholders decide what he should do with his life.

Dell Warns of Risks of Remaining a Public Company

Dell warned on Friday that it would be dangerous to take on a lot of debt and remain a public company given its worsening profit outlook, in a sign that it views proposals from Blackstone Group and billionaire investor Carl Icahn as fraught with risk. The No. 3 maker of personal computers published a 274-page preliminary proxy statement to inform Dell shareholders of how a $24.4 billion buyout proposal from founder and Chief Executive Michael Dell and private equity firm Silver Lake Partners was put together, and why it is the best of all the alternatives the company’s board had explored.

Titans of Tech Raise Millions to Enter the Political Arena: But What is it They Want?
The Guardian UK
One day last month about 40 noisy protesters gathered outside the home of the Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg in Palo Alto in California’s Silicon Valley. They chanted slogans and held up signs as a small, select group of people arrived in sleek sports cars and were ushered inside the relatively modest residence where the billionaire lives with his wife, Priscilla Chan.

As Market Heats Up, Trading Slips Into Shadows
New York Times
Wall Street is embracing its dark side. As the stock market continues to climb, trading has increasingly migrated from established bourses like the New York Stock Exchange to private platforms, including dark pools, that are largely hidden from public view. The shift is helping big traders hide what they are doing in the markets, and regulators are worried that the development could obscure the true prices of stocks and scare away ordinary investors.




UPS Pays Up for Illicit Pill Shipments
United Parcel Service agreed to give up $40 million in payments it charged for shipping products from what federal prosecutors called illicit online pharmacies.The forfeiture was announced Friday in a written statement by the U.S. attorney’s office in San Francisco and covers payments charged by UPS from 2003-2010 for the delivery of pharmaceuticals that were either counterfeit or had been sold without the necessary prescription.

First Petaflop Supercomputer, IBM’s ‘Roadrunner,’ Decommissioned
PC Magazine
If you need to take a moment to think of a joke about a particular speedy bird and its coyote companion, we understand. Otherwise, it’s time to raise a toast today to one of the computing world’s heavyweights, the first supercomputer that ever managed to hit a sustained petaflop in operations per second and one that could be frequently found at the top of the list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers around 2008 to 2009. We’re talking, of course, about IBM’s Roadrunner, which has officially reached the end of its days.




Mad Men Star Jon Hamm’s Crotch Spurs Pants War – And Male Objectification
The Guardian UK
If you can count more than 20 penis-based puns in the paragraphs that follow, I’m donating my fee for this piece to charity. Admittedly, that’s not going to make much of a dent in any cause but, as they say, size doesn’t matter. Why exactly they say that, however, is something of a mystery, particularly considering the impressive number of column inches Jon Hamm’s crotch has been racking up recently.

FX to Launch New Cable Channel for Younger Adult Audience
The channel, called FXX, will debut September 2 and reach 74 million homes in its first year, News Corp-owned FX Networks said in a statement.Adults aged 18 to 34 is one of the key demographic groups prized by advertisers. The FX channel is aimed at a slightly older audience, 18 to 49, while a third sister network, movie-focused FXM, is aimed at ages 25 to 54.

Jim Carrey: Fox News ‘A Media Colostomy Bag That Has Begun To Burst At The Seams’
Huffington Post
Jim Carrey has some harsh words for Fox News. Carrey released a statement on Friday blasting the conservative news network as “a media colostomy bag that has begun to burst at the seams.” Carrey’s issue with Fox News stems from the response to his recent anti-gun lobby video “Cold Dead Hand,” produced in conjunction with Funny or Die.

Google vs Bing on Easter
Conservatives’ longstanding complaints about Google’s choice of “Google doodles” are only going to be reenforced by Google’s decision to commemorate Easter as the birthday of Latino labor leader Cesar Chavez. Google’s main competition in the search field, Microsoft’s Bing, offered a more Easter-themed graphic but one that highlights the secular traditions that have grown up around the holiday rather than its religious themes: …




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