Modern Business Formation and Management on the Blockchain


CommPRO Editorial Staff

Blockchain development firm Liquidus announced their official launch and commitment to building better businesses via their Digital Corporate Services Platform. Built on blockchain technology, Liquidus is poised to usher in a new era of security, transparency, investment, and innovation to the corporate lifecycle from business name registration to formation, reporting and eventually the digitization of assets.

The platform connects businesses with a marketplace of corporate services, including legal, brokerage and accounting and encompasses a full suite of online software tools, such as video notary, cryptographic digital signatures, Know Your Customer (KYC) onboarding tools, automated corporate reporting, and more.

“Liquidus aims to revolutionize the way organizations are registered and managed around the globe. This Digital Corporate Services Platform – which includes a Federated Digital Identity solution – provides all types of businesses with a significantly more efficient way to manage corporate information, auditing, and compliance, ” stated Matt Hinkley, Liquidus CEO.

Operating in a progressive regulatory jurisdiction, Liquidus will be integrating a permissioned blockchain governed by a federated digital identity system, ensuring an organization’s data will be stored and managed with unparalleled security and ease.

Based in The Bahamas, Liquidus is driven by a team of technologists, accountants, lawyers, and experts in finance and blockchain who are building a more efficient way to facilitate the creation of companies, track data, and manage liquidity.

Source: Blockchain Wire

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